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  1. Jason Russell

    Hi what about Iron Man 3? It’s set at Christmas time?

  2. MGMakaveli

    The treatment of Jingle all the Way was horrendous! C’mon lads


    out of all the lads know about home alone no one said "keep the change you filthy animal"😱🎁🏡

  4. Ethan .Jones

    How dare you throw away the polar express!! I’m outraged 😭

  5. Winston Churchill

    When robbo shouts Kevin he even has the same eyes as in the film 🤣😂🤣😂

  6. Calum Coyle

    Seriously offended me this video. I love these 2 doing these usually but they've hardly seen any of the films and have no clue what should be up there 🤦🏼‍♂️

  7. Ian Bintcliffe


  8. Philly M

    Robbo kept saying "firmino"

  9. Isra Meden

    OMG you guys must watch its a wanderfull life! Pleaaaase! Is the best christmas movie eveeer!

  10. gatordonttakenoshiat

    Home Alone 2 numero uno

  11. Strik T

    Robbo loves some custard cream 😂

  12. Gearoid Collins

    This is exactly what I needed in my life ♥️♥️

  13. ʍʬ

    Couldnt help but smile all video long So heart warming

  14. James Hunt

    Criminal they didn’t even acknowledge grinch

  15. jonny somers

    Who is the team you would prefer in the last 16 draw...Atalanta, Dortmund, Lyon or Real Madrid?

  16. Roman Bhatti


  17. Alex Rants

    Robbo' s got a career as a stand-up after he hangs up his boots. Your man is the funniest LFC Player.

  18. ben hope

    where's nativity in the list?

  19. Benito Sebastian

    2:20 " Guy left in a woman" hahah

  20. Tom  Jones

    A fantastic suprise for a lovely gentleman.

  21. زهراء عامر

    Can you put a translation in Arabic?☺

  22. Mr. Mari-O

    Could watch these two forever.

  23. TheIceyeddy

    I'm 34 and I still watch Home Alone 1 & 2 every Christmas. "Buzz, your girlfriend, Woof!"

  24. Ramy

    I hope to see Robertson speak understandable English one day!😂😂

  25. Jamie LJ33

    I love Die Hard but if we are talking Christmas movies Lethal Weapon 1 has got to be there! The boys are hilarious as always, would help if they had actually seen the movies though!

  26. eddyk

    Nothing disappoints me more than opening the biscuit tin to find it full of Rich Tea. I mean, who is even buying them anyway and putting them in there?

  27. tedkitcat

    Biased pricks


    Hard headed Robbo💗💗💗💗

  29. Okey Pokey

    I'm a man utd fan but I wish I supported liverpool because they're the best

  30. Nas 91

    Jim Carrey and robbo has some similarties in their looks hahha

  31. Mohammed Gth 88

    The most amazing video for the final of champions league ... sensational

  32. Samuel Aguiar

    Flamengo 3 x 1 Liverpool

  33. TPA

    Milner how have you not seen the grinch or miracle on 34th street

  34. svfutbol20

    Where is “A Christmas Story?” What the hell

  35. Kieran LFC Reviews

    Did James say he never seen polar Express.? Lad what's wrong with you

  36. Michelle villalobos

    Polar express is the best,y’all wrong

  37. Phil K

    so nice that.

  38. Callum Stewart

    Imagine merry Xmas Drake and josh not being in this, what a banger it was

  39. dan k

    It's so spot on aha

  40. Ace Vortex

    Wholesome video and made me happy. The fact that he said no to come with VVD becasuse of work is true detecation.

  41. svfutbol20

    It’s a Wonderful Life is easily the best Christmas Film ever made by a country mile

  42. moorzymoores

    How come these things were allowed to breed and even worse bring up these offspring polluting their minds with this FILTH about LFC being a big club? Social services should've put in care!!!!!!

  43. Ali Shaho

    What about alissons?

  44. JJ Kal

    When milner said,its santa i know him, i just lost it

  45. ThePhanTom

    I love Robbo but how dare he say that Polar Express is boring

  46. Junkiefunki Smith

    Aww they love eachother 🎈🎉🍾

  47. Amir Zaki

    Hello where re Robertson funz

  48. Thelewisroberts

    Nice to see all 60 of citys fans disliking the video...

  49. Jack Courtney

    Keep it up liverpool

  50. Fatima Curtis

    Robbo: For me no Me:Firmino🤣🤣

  51. andy lambert

    Die Hard all the way lads...

  52. John Barker

    It’s a wonderful life is a brilliant film guys. Watch it!

  53. Tom Walsh

    If Robbo wasn't a Footy player he could easily smash being a IDselr 😂 James Milner would be his dad that gets dragged into every video

  54. Thorsten Dillmann

    It’s a wonderful life is definitely the best christmas movie. Die hard is definitely a christmas movie. I love Will Ferrell but Elf is definitely not in any top 5 list.

  55. Grant Kruger

    1 - Die Hard 2 - Love Actually 3 - It's a Wonderful Life 4 - Bad Santa 5 - Home Alone

  56. Tom Walsh

    It's a wonderful life is the best hands down. As if they threw away Jingle all the way!

  57. Greg Schuman

    What, no Christmas Vacation?

  58. Mike Sheerin

    Bro Elf sucks

  59. aaron hine

    You’ll never walk alone

  60. ام عبودي

    هل من الممكن في جميع الفيديوهات القادمه ان تجلوا ترجمه عربي

  61. Phil Blagden

    No "Planes, trains and Automobiles"? No "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"? This list is shocking. "It's a Wonderful Life" is a classic though. Milly and Robbo do a great job presenting these clips as well.

  62. Preston Genet

    Polar Express is the only Christmas film I watch every year!!! Robbo NO!!!!!!!

  63. Peter Stewart

    Seriously, give them a fortnightly or monthly series on the channel!

  64. Ward Goethals


  65. Am 92

    The grinch has to be a top 5

  66. Paul Hignett

    They haven’t seen any. Home alone 2 over Its a wonderful life, omg footballers 😂

  67. kaal erig

    I can watch these two for hours😂

  68. Trisha Pillay

    I feel you Robbo... It's not Christmas without home alone...

  69. Maisy Moo

    Can’t believe you didn’t put the muppet Christmas carol there

  70. Duc

    I'm from the future. Who's watching this after Liverpool won the title?

  71. xGaddafti MH

    It's not a Christmas film.

  72. HoodedGamer

    These 2 carry this channel more than Shane and Ryan carry Buzzfeed

  73. joe hanley

    Wonderful life best movie ever Allez Allez Allez ynwa96 Happy Christmas lads

  74. Jarryd Manuel

    Please give Millie another year extension so we can get more of these gems!!!

  75. ElenaIsCool

    In 2019???

  76. Daniel Guetta


  77. John Cutter

    Wheres ...National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ?

  78. Ian G

    Milner’s American accent is pretty good

  79. Michael McCarthy

    If Liverpool F.C win 10 more matches they will be premiership champions. 🇮🇪

  80. fifadude123

    Of course die hard is a christmas movie!

  81. Mooglas Melson

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Robbo

  82. roknia sport Dz

    محمد صلاح لاعب جميل جدا

  83. Steve Mcrae

    Where's Scrooge?? A Christmas Carol

  84. albeta pratama

    It's nice to see when james can do the impression from that film and robbo doesn't has itchy armpit again 😂😂😂

  85. Bimal Tailor

    POLAR EXPRESS !! Brilliant film !

  86. Seto Kaiba

    Being a pro footballer would be so fun. Never even mind the money just training with your pals heaps, being fit and playing football all the time in class facilities etc



  88. Tshepang_GM

    😂😂😂😂😂 They can talk

  89. NothinButRock

    The disrespect to Jingle All The Way.

  90. salasmomonicesalas

    Milner somehow looks like Jim Carry

  91. Kenny Roche

    Forgot Lethal Weapon

  92. AzToTheRescue

    Die Hard is a Christmas film! The only thing more Chrtistmassy than Die Hard, is Origi banging on Everton.

  93. Jennifer S


  94. Pip Jim

    Millie: so is die hard a Christmas film? Robbo: Firmino

  95. Ahmed 263t9 Medohev

    محمد صلاح وفرمنيو احبهم

  96. iluminati76

    Polar express boring...sell Andy Robertson in January for that..stick to football

  97. Aidan 1892

    Where is the Gremlins?

  98. neyoBEAR.

    The Grinch > Elf

  99. Mark G

    I'm on to you John Lewis😂

  100. Ian Murphy

    Lads liking any "Home Alone" film, which is not a Christmas film anyway, and not having seen "It's a Wonderful Life" is shameful.