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  1. Yi Wen

    You just have to say that it is a wonderfully made MV, although quite dramatic

  2. Kevser Tay

    Sen qaqi

  3. ksxkxkd l

    This is a reason of why I'm here. And I am meant to have fun and love.

  4. ksxkxkd l

    Brew womatics

  5. Denise Romero

    One of my forever favorite song.

  6. Then Becamon


  7. Arllan Matthew Nobry Bernardi

    I Love you Wonderful 🎄🎄🎄😘👏🏻🎑👶🏻🌠🌟


    song and poem are best ways to express yourself without any hesitation

  9. Y.R' Yuma


  10. ksxkxkd l

    I'll send you a stank place .. ...

  11. Pratham Mrabhakar


  12. Juan Villanueva

    If this isn’t the fourth single...I swear on anything

  13. Dany Gonzalez

    Omg playback the entire performance

  14. Ye0nSpoon

    ssssssssssso lovely-!!!!! 너무 사랑스러워! 노래도! 테일러 너도!!

  15. Jyeshtha

    Thats the thing abt taylor she is an awesome performer even when she was at the side of the stage singing lover u just cannot ignore her WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Jessica Stone

    I'm still feeling 22. Thank you Taylor for always making me young whenever i heard this song ❤️

  17. Pamy Perez


  18. Mrithika Sivakumar

    I’ve never been to the US and I’ve never seen her in any of the local TV channels yet I know every song here.

  19. vanessa_ _maria

    2019 Anyone ?? Oh wait u now realized watching this video was a mistake cuz now u have 2014 struck in ur head Ya same

  20. _Critical


  21. Jessica Stone

    James dean daydream 😍

  22. Jason Raser

    My Facebook account got hacked Taylor. I don't talk that way about women. I swear. Not anymore.

  23. Manuel N A

    Ufff man, que nostalgia...

  24. It Box


  25. est torres

    My hubby is my lover for 18 year and Counting😍😍

  26. 怀秋

    i love her

  27. Segarinna Johnson

    Taylor I love you so much but you will never force me to like camila 🙅‍♀️

  28. Payel Bis

    Best intro And the most powerful lyrics ❤️❤️

  29. Segarinna Johnson

    Pinks daughter do not know how lucky she is being held by a legend while watching another legend perform 🤦‍♀️

  30. Jason Raser

    Happy Birthday Talor. Don't let em hold you down.

  31. Sarah Dalton

    Love this song

  32. peter g

    formulaic pablum for the masses.

  33. Sparky Grace

    The kid’s a parselmouth

  34. Ooh Hana

    I just found out that RED Album would match my 20s strive and tribulation. She just voiced out everything I felt and went through. It makes it easier for me to know that this is a normal phase of life that I don't have any idea where it leads too. But I'm getting somewhere, and hopefully to her Lover album phase

  35. Abby Lang

    Me seeing Hayley Kiyoko, Ellen, and basically any other LGBTQ+ celebrities out there YAAAAY

  36. Himanshu Mahajan

    which was the song she sang at starting?

  37. Aash Riyaaa

    Who is here after Taylor’s birthday . Can’t believe she is already 30 now

  38. Fillbert Chuang

    My friend: can you sing as high as Zayn voice? *Vitas has joined the chat* Vitas: ight Imma bout to end this man whole career

  39. Cruel Summer T.S.

    She’s so pretty like this song 😍

  40. 堀江慶華


  41. Sarah Russell

    Also you were very cute when you were a little baby.

  42. Nova fadila

    Taylor swift marathon still and always

  43. Sarah Russell

    I really really really really want to meet you so if you want to meet me at my house my address is 16777 Northern Flicker Trail Conroe, Texas 77385.

  44. Agos V

    Why am I knowings about this today?

  45. Thi Quyen

    Billie eilish....

  46. Iram Iqbal

    2:49 😍

  47. molly sandweiss

    I love this acoustic version of Lover

  48. Suji Jayasinha

    Happy birthday Taylor!!!!!!

  49. BTS Army Irrah

    The guy is from the Series Shadow Hunters 😍

  50. Leon

    Scooter Braun COMING SOON

  51. Iqra Muneer

    Dua : don't pick up the phone Ari : I 'm picking it up Adele : hello Taylor : I 'm sorry , but the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now

  52. Vy Khanh Tu


  53. angela elgario

    When life was simple

  54. Phương Thảo Hoàng

    Woman of decade

  55. Cruel Summer T.S.

    The melody from Falling by Harry styles sounds similar 😭😭😭

  56. ksxkxkd l

    I take it cough I take it cough

  57. delaina fernandes

    IN AWE

  58. Wayne John

    It's been 2 months since I played this song for my crush, he got that blonde hair, blue eyes. I work at Landmark81. He approached me for the first time and told me smt about the speaker. I haven't seen him for a while. I just wish that he could read my cmt and come back to meet me again. I'm helpless

  59. ksxkxkd l

    Gaylord gift friend same. ..

  60. Julia

    Well Harry, you got swifted...😂

  61. Lizi Lock

    I just have to say something, I LOVE Brendon Urie. 🙆

  62. Merrillville

    It will take 204 year for gender eloquently and that really sad

  63. L. Eva

    I still remember watching this back in high school and somehow had no idea that the girl with dark hair was also Taylor

  64. Wayne John

    It's been 2 monthssince I played this song for my crush, he got that blonde hair, blue eyes. I work at Landmark81. He approached me for the first time and told me smt about the speaker. I haven't seen him for a while. I just wish that he could read my cmt and come back to meet me again. I'm helpless

  65. Mr. Floofers

    You need to stop lying about the rights to your music. Woman of the decade? LOL. Like Caitlyn was woman of the year. You're both dilettantes. Calm down. Billboard.

  66. Bianca mcgill

    Artist of the decade, woman of the decade ❤️👏🏻

  67. Ace Bree

    Oh hi pig

  68. Albinnns yo

    Can someone explain me what this song is about?

  69. Ilove everyone

    Taylor rockkkskkskskskkskskskskslks🥰🥰🥰😍🥰😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

  70. ksxkxkd l

    Search and breech

  71. S K

    don't get me wrong, I LOVE TAYLOR AND THIS SONG! however, not everyone is that beautiful when they are 15, lol.

  72. Nilton Rocha

    Pro porque quem teu Like salvem Galeras

  73. Mia Libya

    I can't believe they end with just slapping each other

  74. Ga Wa

    Could be any nervous high school teenager.

  75. David Salahshor

    Happy 30th birthday Queen Taylor!! You are the greatest singer of history, and the prettiest most glamorous looking woman of history!! I have been a proud Swiftie since 2006 and will be one 4ever!!

  76. Jayne Cheng

    Poor cute Teddy, I love u cute teddy

  77. Sci' S

    Who is more talented? (In your opinion) Taylor swift: LIKE Lana Del Rey: COMMENT

  78. Tev Jamil

    Who’s still listen to this song every December, even in 2019 📻🧡.

  79. Déborah-chan Andrade

    😍 Eu gostem dessa? Ela é linda 🤩 Parabéns pra Taylor Swift que fez essas músicas de Natal. ❤❤❤

  80. {PATO NEKO}


  81. Déborah-chan Andrade


  82. Déborah-chan Andrade

    Que lindo essa música de Natal que ela fez? Só que com os filhos no vídeo

  83. maritje moment


  84. Jovani Malavet

    Love it

  85. Samantha Mendoza


  86. Arun Giri

    Osm dear friend

  87. Bahara Karim

    Happy Birthday Queen. I love you so much. Keep rocking

  88. Deb Jones

    How beautiful!!! The music, lyrics and the gorgeous colors

  89. Corrie H

    2:07 - 4:07 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Call of Duty Mobile

    Thus video deserves 1 billion views

  91. michael Ritchie

    THIS song is my number one tay Tay.

  92. Bahara Karim

    Who’s here on her birthday?

  93. Sarah Russell

    Happy 30th Birthday🎉🎉🎤🎤🎸🎸🎧🎧🐱🐱🐱🐱 and I also know that I have ALL your albums and me and my sister are biggggggggggggg fans of you.

  94. Ella L

    There is no me in team

  95. EBUFI

    Taylor, I know you are upset about the business deals of your albums, but do not bash all men, it is ridiculous, I am sure that you have fans that are men. Or is it only show? By the way, great song and video!!

  96. lyricallydanie

    guys! let’s do a lyric chain! i’ll start: you’re on the phone with your girlfriend

  97. Chloe LIN

    where's the lyrics guy lmao?

  98. Jonathan Baker

    Happy Birthday Taylor 🎈

  99. Daniella France

    me: *patiently waits for Netflix documentary.*