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  1. Felix Cute Freckles

    i die

  2. Dinnar MsBerry

    SmTown is the home for all of talented idol.. They have best visual, best vocal, best rapper, best dancer.. GOD bless them all..

  3. Mayumi Mishua

    218, 119, 593

  4. Maryam Avakh

    Exo-ls where are you?

  5. ⲟⲃ⳽ⲉ⳽⳽ⲓⲟⲛ ۵

    x- exo said "fuck you exo"

  6. Zulfa Maghfiroh

    Whatever, the voice is amazing, love them,

  7. Diana Aguirre

    Curious fact: NCT invented vocals

  8. Diana Aguirre

    I just love this so hard

  9. Manuela


  10. 랭이

    누구 아이돌인지 진짜 여전히 잘났네!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. R_ DM

    حفظت لحن الاغنية من كثر ما اعيده * ^ *

  12. Aunty Inha

    Go go go for 200M. Can we ?

  13. Aprilia Inge

    Me: go speechless ~ 3:08 I really couldn't say a word. Omg!

  14. dsngdo


  15. My Sweetest Paradise

    Wow! 👏❤️

  16. Goga Goga


  17. Chanyeol Park


  18. Grace Russell

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who cried at this video Their voices are god dam beautiful and this song shows it so well

  19. hyukjae's jawline

    Taeil is vocal legend

  20. Ria Fahri

    Legend song

  21. Kennia Castro

    My heart is fluttering, this is such a beautiful song :''') so romantic, the visuals are sweet candy to the eye and don't get me started with the vocals so soothing and powerful they ate those lyrics. Literal masterpiece. I feel warm by this!!

  22. JAMlover55

    BoA my queen...you and Crush's voices go really well together.

  23. Aunty Inha

    Can we get 400M for MONSTER ??

  24. Mayumi Mishua

    36, 968, 253

  25. in than

    Daebak 🌹🌹

  26. Gishelly Puspita

    Mantul haechannie 💚💚💚

  27. Sisca Calis

    Sengaja diberi ruang.. Biasanya borobudur ramai sekali..

  28. My Sweetest Paradise

    🎉 Happy 1st Anniversary King Loveshot! 🎉

  29. Maryfer RS


  30. Dinnar MsBerry

    Nct vocal is superb

  31. Dinnar MsBerry

    Hecani.. Your voice is really amazing

  32. Margaret T.

    BoA ❤️

  33. Dita Trihandayani

    Gila suara nya pada merdua banget dah 😄😄😄😄

  34. 조현진

    언니.... 넘좋아 ㅠ,ㅠ 콘서트 한번 더해주세요!!!! 제발!!

  35. hss

    Yine geldimmmm

  36. go gurl

    Am I tripping or she looks like lim soo hyang????? 😑

  37. Vane Cortés


  38. Vane Cortés


  39. J R

    اكسوالز عاجل ومهم جداااااااا روحو صوتو لاكسو في هذا الموقع من هو فنانك المفضل لعام 2019 ؟ اكسو رقم 1 ومتصدرين بفارق ممتاز بس المسابقه رح تنتهي 2 يوم الجمعة 20 ديسمبر باقي 6 ايام وكل الفاندومات تحاول تسبق اكسو .. التصويت سهل تقدر تصوت الف مره في اليوم واكثر، كل ماعليكم بعد ماتختارو اكسو تروحو تحذفو تاريخ التصفح وتسكرو المتصفح وتفتحو الموقع من جديد وتصوتو يلا اكسوالززز فايتييييينق اكسو يستاهلو اكثر يهجووووووووووم thehoneypop.com/2019/12/09/the-honey-pop-artist-of-the-year-2019/

  40. flower rose


  41. Maeya Padilla

    엘 이름부터 맘에 들어요 파이팅!

  42. Jin Sangmyŏng

    그녀들은 매우 매혹적이다😍💖


    I love NCT dream 🤗

  44. Sonia Fan

    2:42 - Mark: "what the F LU T E?!"

  45. chanyeol petals -

    still here after obsession

  46. Devina Gunawan

    1:55 WTF!!?? that's just.....WOW

  47. Danda Souza

    Omg are so perfect voices amazing and perfect

  48. Seething Simp

    I guess the chainlink fence is supposed to symbolize her not knowing I exist feels like being in prison </3

  49. hi there

    red velvet invented classy sexiness!!!! fight me

  50. Mike Valinte

    The vi3ws are freeze

  51. Ooh la la la

    The vi3ws always deleted and freeze hmm

  52. Maeya Padilla

    엘 이름부터 파이팅?

  53. CL is ur girl's lesbian crush

    You are going to be remembered by your talents and amazingness ,please sleep well

  54. CloudSea운해

    예쁘고 멋져😍

  55. Il Ma Jung

    729k Hwaiting!

  56. Rosemarie Madera

    Let's go for 40M!!

  57. Jiminiepabo Kpop stan

    Haha *casually walking into a new era*

  58. Desi dyah Purwita

    Oppa donghae😍😍

  59. flower rose


  60. Angga Dipa

    I sad 😭😭😭

  61. Юлия Толстых

    Прекрасная песня, хотя парней не знаю, но все что под лейблом СМ всегда круто

  62. flower rose


  63. cahaya pransiska

    EXO the best

  64. Dimitra Anastasopoulou

    Beautiful song❣️

  65. flower rose


  66. Maeya Padilla

    엘 파이팅!

  67. Gözde Yüksel

    I looooove this song

  68. Byun Baekhyun

    I miss Xiumin. When I first saw him he was like my bias but when I heared he is on military service now, I was sad. And Baekhyun came to my life and I started stanning Exo. Im a new Exo l tho. Ot12 forever!

  69. nctbops

    why does this have a significantly lower amount of views compared to everyone else’s teasers...? like i really just don’t get y’all. appreciate moon taeil’s talent u cowards or i will break ur kneecaps

  70. sicheng sprout

    " nCt cAnT sInG " btch hold my coffee

  71. flower rose


  72. flower rose


  73. flower rose


  74. flower rose


  75. Agustin dewi purnamasari

    OMG I'm fall in love with them too 😍

  76. Maeya Padilla

    엘 이름부터 파이팅!

  77. Mike Valinte

    Let's get our 5th win and the dance practice video. fighting fam!!

  78. Rafiqatul Aminah

    I'm here after minhyun recommendation 😍

  79. flower rose


  80. flower rose


  81. flower rose



    Good luck👍🏻

  83. Sofia_edits_gacha uwu

    Here is a list why I like NCT: 1. They sound amazing 2. They sound heavenly 3. They look like Gods 4. They are entertaining 5. They come up with the best eras IM LITERALLY CRYING WHILE WATCHING Plus many more

  84. hesti duwina putri

    1:38, 2:35 & 3:58 hit different when you have watched the NG cut video 💀

  85. CalebJX88

    Haters: Exo are irrelevant Exo: I don't think so

  86. InternetsNathan

    *We need more BoA content*

    1. InternetsNathan

      @Asyraff ✌

    2. Asyraff

      Hi 👋🏽

  87. Happy Virus

    If we str3am at this rate,i don't think we can get the dance practice this year....i'm really disappointed....

  88. Licht Glanzreich

    There's **mys dragging SuperM again and whining how the members are just doing this for an exemption in the military omg 3/7 of the members aren't even korean citizens. SHINee and a couple of EXO members are currently enlisted and why would Taemin, Baek and Kai would even want an exemption?? Anyways the tweet makes no sense and it's just a proof that they're still pressed and hang up on SuperM. SuperM is that powerful to be in the thoughts of non-fans.

    1. Licht Glanzreich

      *Warning* you may lose your braincells if you click on this mobile.twitter.com/MyGalaxyBTSArmy/status/1204811733849792514

  89. Kpopjamsss

    Amazing just amazing. Taeil has sung the most difficult notes ever!!! and Doyoung's voice is INSANELY awesome. I'm having a really hard time hearing the difference of Taeil and Doyoungs voice, cuz its sooooo similar

  90. chanyeol petals -

    a masterpiece

  91. Darian Gacha

    Like SMTOWN Like

  92. LocalJax ASMR

    Wow this is really awesome photoshoot.

  93. 김영아최산강여상정우영


  94. hmangaihi lutmang

    I can see Doyong climbing Up my Bias list after he hit that high note.

  95. Peep Bo

    OH MY TENnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn He just gorgeous🤭

  96. Salu In

    I’m in love Help me god

  97. Nur Niena


  98. Chanyeol Park

    will never get tired of this song <3