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  1. zul Raji

    When spurs play faster counter attack tactikal jose..booomm fire

  2. Muhammad Arief Nugroho

    who is Burnley No 13? He only see Son without trying to stop him 😁

  3. SlowSyncStudio

    One of the best assist in football by "Jan Vertonghen" amazing 🤣

  4. 전업가장GOGO

    이 골장면을 tv를 키자마자 생방송으로 보다니~

  5. Welile Hlope

    Couldn't have done it better on my playstation👍🏾

  6. wanda suhanda

    Artinya apaan cok

  7. 이광우

    Messi and Ronaldo haven't scored with 80m dribble

  8. Mindhumble

    Goal of the millenium? Maybe that's a bit much!

  9. まいにち豆乳


  10. 성태김

    He is Korean ⚽️🇰🇷 his name is Son Heung-min⚽️🇰🇷 He is a world class player ⚽️🇰🇷

  11. Suman Mukherjee

    Phenomenal run...


    Supreme politeness after such a mesmerising goal! Oh,Son!!!

  13. Jose Perez

    Barrilete cósmico

  14. Rajesh P.M.

    I am a Liverpool fan and have been regularly watching premiere league since 1988. I have to say that this is the best solo goal I have ever seen in the premiere league.

  15. JY JY

    Do you know kimchi?

  16. S. Park

    Stop saying Son Heung-min is the most underrated player in EPL. Stop saying he deserves more attention. Just treat him properly as he proves who he is by what he does.

  17. upo - joa

    다양한 각도에서 연속으로 볼 수 있어서 최고의 영상인정!!!

  18. Who Am I

    2. Goal perfect golazo

  19. 이정준


  20. Monkey And Dragon

    El gol de Son no es tan espectacular como se lo pinta. La razón es sencilla: los defensores y demás jugadores no hacen marcas ni cortes correctos lo siguen por detrás y apenas dos tuvieron una leve intención de sacarle la pelota. Los goles de Maradona de ese tipo sí suelen tener cortes y mejores marcas. En fin, no resiste la comparación (qué temporada comienza a hacer Son, una belleza, genera goles por todos lados)


    Son Sissoko

  22. andy play

    Fifa gotta check either his body or shoes😅😅

  23. Miles Furnell

    It's a good goal but I don't get all the hype. When he gets the ball he had 6 Burnley players in front of him, but was allowed to run 70 yards without being challenged. He just ran through the middle of them and only had to knock the ball forward and keep running to avoid the two half-hearted tackles that came in. Yes, he's quick and yes he took it well, but this goal's more about dreadful defending than it is about skill.

  24. Max Min

    This is what happens if you let SON has space to run. Just look at him smile! How can we not love him!

  25. i cube

    Legendary goal

  26. Jesús Fernández Echeverría cules

    Ojala harry kane fichara por el barcelona vaya jugadorazo

  27. Wag1 G wys

    Ronaldo would be proud of that goal

  28. Yongsu Choi

    Son was like a cheetah in an animal documentary.

  29. 최무사

    Wow best goil

  30. Firman Zahir Romaila

    Sonaldo Nazario 🔥

  31. Benedict Sulaiman

    Goal of the Season. Definitely

  32. 우진 정

    I never seen that kind of super goal in my life :)

  33. Edgar Park

    카메라가 몇대여 ㄷㄷ

  34. 흑투부


  35. Henry Tok

    Heung min son is SONsational

  36. Nick Hardigg

    We all so distracted by that great son goal that we not talking about those 2 great Harry Kane goal

  37. MINU KIM

    RePlaying 1,000

  38. Rich As F*ck

    Son is chinese....

    1. kani37 Seo

      You wish !

    2. G0 _yard


  39. RandomTechS@#T

    Every attempt to stop him was literally just a step behind.

  40. Alejandro Carmona

    I'm a Barcelona fan, but Tottenham and Mourinho gained my respect. Awesome gesture from this Club! Bravo!

  41. 진돗개하나


  42. Unik Chanel

    Klik Chanel gua auto ngakak,ga ngakak kuota nya gua balikan lagi :v

  43. Kenan Moumin

    Surely this guy won't hang around too much longer at Spurs.

  44. 안대성

    Mr sun shine. Good smile

  45. Xfrozen 12

    So nice 😍😍 I love it how Harry I such a nice dude

  46. Oh happy day

    Son, enslaved by Jose Mourinho. Immediately, Sonny has to move to another club. Welcome to Bayern Munich.

  47. 흰훈

    good boy

  48. B Ordinary

    Nice one sonny!! I 'll never forget this performance.

  49. 미미밈미

    쏘니를~~~사랑합니다~쏘니~애국자 쏘니 덕분에 국뽕에 취해삽니다~고맙습니다

  50. Starfire

    Heung Min SONaldo Nazario

  51. 이상진

    so proud of you Sonny! from Korea.

  52. M.Kanzul Chilmi

    Lebay cok, coba lawan barca atau madrid gk bakal bisa kek gitu

  53. 박종현

    한국인 없나? 한국인 손!ㅎㅎㅎ

  54. PPAKHYUN _

    Crazy Son

  55. 김예슬


  56. andalanjawabarat

    thank you for not fouling him, Burnley defenders.

  57. Khang Trần

    Vn cho 1 like

  58. Y-S SHIN

    It was a touching drama on our side, and a horror movie on the other side.

  59. Nakamura brian

    Wow ,,, just Wow !!! Good Job Son and take well care of yourself !!! Thanks you admin for your sharing. Love from Spurs fan in Tokyo, Japan !!!!

  60. Max MORRIS

    Son > Mane

  61. Yoonseok Oh


  62. Luong Pham


  63. Carl Timms

    Easily one of the finest goals I've seen in my 40 years as a fan. Son is absolutely world class, Kane's finishes were also both world class. Both easily £100m+ players, we have to hang on to them at all costs!

  64. 엄희돈

    뒤따라오는 수비야 뭐 못따라오는건 독일때부터 수도없이봤고 오른발로 몇번치고 갑자기 왼발로 살짝 역방향으로 쳐서 처음 마주치는 수비를 얼음시키고 그걸인지한 후방옆에 수비가 도와주러오지만 속도붙은 쏘니가 치는순간 따라올수없고. 골킾한테는 슈팅모션 한번줘서 슛하기전에 자세 넘어트리고 가볍게 슛! 이모든게 다리는 풀스피드에 컨트롤과 두뇌는 섬세하게 가동

  65. 아이제이일렉트론

    U'll be there before the next defender....Great play....

  66. Mac jason

    What a goal~insane ~ son is one of the best player in the world.

  67. n4ram81


  68. tufan irfan


  69. 유영일

    이게 찐짜다 ㅎㅎ최고다

  70. Lionel Jerrin Jr.


  71. Mack Daddy

    Man Burnley were shocking...Great goal by Son though

  72. SHINZO

    son so so so so so fast

  73. Rock girl

    Wow brilliant goal he runs like Mo Salah run in his top form .. love you Son from Egyptian liverpool fan

  74. Bren L

    Thank you Burnley players for not pulling the "take 1 for your team"move....

  75. Key Padd

    Luar biasa... cocoknya join sama liverpool...

  76. 류하니

    치고 달리기의 신. 손.흥.민

  77. Ziya Okut

    Son and Kane ⚪️🔵💪🏻💪🏻

  78. 임현오

    손흥민 당신은 대한민국의 태양입니다 당신때문에 사는게 즐겁습니다 감사합니다...^^♡♡♡

  79. Mo KYo

    crazy!!!! sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. 종로전TV

    쑤와리 질러~~~~~~~~~~

  81. 볼트

    대한건아 월드클래스 슈퍼 쏘니 위대한 여정 시작을 빛내는 골~~~~~~

  82. 룰루랄라

    아오 짜릿해

  83. v titans

    nice son

  84. Avery Kai

    Unplayable when he’s in that kind of mood

  85. Myeongsik Joo

    공과 저렇게 빨리 뛰면서 밸런스가 유지된다. 골세레머니할때도 힘이 남아 있음이 느껴지네. 흥민 흥해라!

  86. DO K


  87. Hurley

    100% Offside.

  88. Koreamadam

    The best

  89. 10

    Stop making fun of him for saying "Good, Thank you". He's way more polite than ya'll will ever be.

  90. Faell Gomes


  91. Jason Moon


  92. JAY

    He is not Korean, He is alien

    1. kani37 Seo

      He must be 🤣

  93. greatwizard93

    Burnley defenders are you guys walking or jogging or really running? :)

  94. 발그림그리기

    I love son

  95. Squawka Football


  96. Syaf Marwin

    This is the time for The Magnificent Sonaldo !!!!

  97. EURO 7

    This is puskas

  98. remi mana

    K~ha I'm so intoxicated with patriot drug!! Hey madam~ one more p.d. pleaz~

  99. damon Matt

    Incredible awesome

  100. Efe Aigbe

    As an arsenal fan, I find this more enjoyable than Henry's goal against Tottenham in Highbury 17 years ago. Son has written his name in gold with this goal.