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  1. Диор Исламов


  2. google owns you

    Wow. Ketchup is depressing.

  3. alfredo g. franco

    Exelente reporte gracias por sus buenos deseos

  4. Anita Joseph


  5. None Yourbusiness

    Thank you Mexican people for making it possible for our ketchup to be reasonably priced. Otherwise it would be about $50 per bottle if Americans were to be working here.

  6. Sandor Varga.


  7. Gina

    Who else is not a ketchup fan? 🙋🏽‍♀️

  8. Paweł Dużak

    L’élégance de la France

  9. STAR Automotive


  10. Dream Tessy

    I need this work

  11. Leyah P


  12. David Burnett

    This video was garbage they didn’t show adding anything else

  13. Minaam Farooq

    Aakhir Itna saara paisa Kaha leke Jaaoge😂😂

  14. Maralitang Dukha

    Do Factory Workers on US do not chat/talk to each other while Working ?? In Philippines we always talk here when the Boss is Not around .

  15. Syed Zeshan

    They are wasting more then 25% good tomato’s

  16. Dewi Nur Fauziyah

    Ini pabriknya dimana ya🤔

  17. dolimi jotoo

    5:58 The tomato king pin leader making sure they don’t sneak no tomato’s 😭😭😭😭

  18. Melody Andoyo

    Wow! It is so amazing how those machines work! 😲

  19. Zach Gutierrez

    money heist


    C'est fini, je ne mange plus de ketchup après avoir vu cela.

    1. dolimi jotoo


  21. Gdy Fag

    كنت. قريب. من. مسقف. لتربيت. الدجاج. لديهم. مجراشه. يََتون. برَََوس. الجري. اليابس. السمك. اليابس. الصغير. َويجرشوها. حتى. تصبح. ناعم. ويقدم. للدجاج. قلت. لن. اكل. الدجاج. ابدا

  22. agung kepo

    Indonesia hadiir😃

  23. Vella Putri

    why youtube bring me here



  25. Elaine Delos Reyes

    Satisfying video!

  26. Ritu Chhetri

    I wish the Nepalese boys and girls who are studying in ennegering field learn this and try to invent this types of machines for farmer

  27. Video Canal


  28. Carla Aarika Zambrano

    I’m wondering how they plant those tomato plants again???? 🤔🤔🤔

  29. Sevda Dushdurova

    Amazing creatures :)

  30. Handunge Krissy

    I want

  31. ArrowHD AR15

    Thats called P R O F I T

  32. felinox tv

    High tech harvesting

  33. Sharil Sabtu

    Whoever said to you that ice cream is instant noodle is really something, huh.. either that you are not that bright to begin with.

  34. cyjon t.v. channel

    Amazing harvesting very nice.....keep it up

  35. Kellycious Vlogs

    ganito pala hinaharvest ang mga tomatoes

  36. R Juffrey

    just paper

  37. Rajinder Prashar

    I wish This all Cow Cutting Factory Employees will be Corona Positive(thankyou God)

  38. cstephens333

    I shit in a bucket one time 💩 true story!

  39. Minan Marcelo


  40. kk star

    peta should see this. theyre blaming all farms for being cruel. but you can see in this vid that they are all well taken care of.

  41. Taylor S

    I have not seen a sader looking field of tomatoes in my life. Why are all of the plants so damn tiny?! Embarrasing really. I get over 150lbs per square meter per year. What are those tomatoes like 10 cents per pound? How many chemicals did it take to grow such horrible tomatoes? You wouldn't need so many acres if you grew complete plants. So many tractors too. Wtf for? Such a waste. The 20th century called, they want their crappy farm back

  42. _Mš Ferrari

    You don’t know why u watching this but yeah u watched it until the end 😂😂

  43. Hot Girl

    Driver is handsome old man 👴

  44. Isaac Gradeless

    IDsel always be getting my ass..... I’m literally trying to watch productive content ... and then I get caught up with this lmfao

  45. Bert


  46. Syd Alan

    Since 1776, there had not been any woman president in the USA, their face are not on the bill either. God saves the queen! lol

  47. 藝銻

    workers didn't wear face mask …

  48. Eagle

    Why i am here i have to go to work at 5 am wtf türkiyeden selamlar

  49. Miguel Lazaro

    Esto es para el video pero en realidad lo hacen con tomates podridos ya hechados a perder ose las sobras del campo por eso son tan baratos esas salsas

  50. hari chams

    I like it

  51. loubana BEAUTY


  52. gabriel hernandez

    Your stimulus money being made right before your eyes

  53. Cristal Reyes Henriquez

    I wonder how many hours these hard working women pull off. I've worked at a potato company myself and I would pull 12hrs 5 days a week, which isn't bad. I hope they are getting treated fairly tho. I hated working at a factory

  54. Nilufar Toshxo'jayeva


  55. Emiliano Calvento


  56. Emiliano Calvento

    Excelente servicio!! Muy buen video!!

  57. RaG3 Simba

    Thanks to IDsel now I’m gonna appreciate ketchup more

  58. Yolg'iz ona TV


  59. Tavo P

    cerebro: estas aburrido en esta cuarentena yo: mehhh cerebro: vamos a ver como hacen salsa de tomate. yo: ehmmmm... ok :v

  60. musique Evangelique pou nanm ou béni

    look at money yet I can not eat since after the disease it's my neighbors who give me to Manje.

  61. Arvils Dumins

    You wash tomatos soap water🤔🤔

  62. wordless chorus

    Quarantine has me here

  63. Амир Файзобод


  64. Facepalm

    Who puts a yellow cap on a ketchup bottle?

  65. sadiq khan

    oho our pakistani govt just making terrorist

  66. joodi princess

    بعد ذا التصنيع الواحد ما يعتمد عالمعلبات مره

  67. Romane Le breton

    My first thought seeing the thumbnail was this episode of Phil of the Future where phil and his friend go smashing tomatoes but he has a toe missing ? lmao

  68. Irfan Bajwa

    Like me All Friends

  69. shaik NOORULLA

    Who's watching without skipping

  70. christina bhaggan

    Imagine the thing that determine whether you're rich or poor...look how it's being made...it's nothing compared to the pain of giving birth yet people die for it

  71. Aedionz

    Farm simulator

  72. jenifer alaurin


  73. Lord pain

    Is just like watching new episodes of money Heist 😂🤑🤑

  74. Alexa

    this is so cool 😱

    1. Afsal Eman


  75. Luke Morris

    Why they gotta make it seem like its fun tho lol

  76. affleck chung

    The mathine looks quite dirty 🤮🤮🤮Hope they clean it regularly!

  77. ANKA17 ANKA

    Good job 👏👏👍

  78. gaming studio 99

    Amazing technology

  79. fatuma iman


  80. Dekhen TV


  81. surianty mohd salleh


  82. Moahammed Zakaulla

    Hiii what's this

  83. Махаббат Гүлі солмайды

    Осында жумыс истегим келеди не деген кушти😍😍😍

  84. Valente Malangatana

    Okay this is REAL money making!These guys are paod what they make it's kinda funny😆

  85. MARIE

    Lmaoo the thumbnail at first glance I thought it was a large pool with lots of red balls on it

  86. eetuzki _

    Fiat power

  87. Your channel World wide

    Wow nice information

  88. quickloris

    Stopped watching cos of the adverts

  89. Isaac Arguelles

    Fed7 in chat bois

  90. Anson Chan

    Im curious how much would a farm like this earn a year

  91. Lorena Visperas

    Impressive the way they prepared our btead and potato chips,love it..

  92. தரணிதரன் ஓ நேர்

    This is Wat we in india Tamizhnadu planing to harvest.

  93. Faith Kinyanjui

    Question do they hire black🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  94. Ht Ht


  95. ibuud prasetyo123

    Mr.crabs loves to see thiss

  96. Ame Lia

    Jesús ya viene y el los ama de verdad

  97. Baddie Mi

    That one stick that was hanging on 😂😂

  98. ASI ASI

    Молча работают 👍

  99. Abo Geg

    I liked the car machine it's amazing

  100. WarchilledGaming

    8:15 what’s the song