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  1. scoopdg

    See you at Viña del Mar festival 2020.

  2. EJ C.D


  3. MrGarweL

    Looks like Baldur from God of War

  4. carlos sierra

    Muy buena!!!

  5. Klكريم الياسري Hc

    كافي يا 🇮🇶🤗

  6. Conf Aka

    So girls like u go around with guys like me so then when l come through l need a girl like u.

  7. Aline Kellner

    Nie einen so nervigen Song gehört!

  8. אלון מויאל

    מוווושששששששששששששללללללללללללללםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםם אין לי מילים

  9. Akmal Akmal

    Wowww very nice song,nervous it❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Zach Laird

    Love it so much

  11. Vegan Ariel

  12. Sterling Archer

    RIP Jordan Feldstein

  13. Diana yeye

    Se parece al Canon de Pachelbel 😑

  14. One 1.

    Beautiful song 🙌

  15. Hassane Qlf

    🇫🇷🇫🇷 vous êtes là ou pas ?

  16. rionaldo sebastian

    2:20-4:10 It's GTA + need for speed + burnout style Wooohhhooooo let's do it

  17. Andrezza silva

    Beautiful voice❤💎👏

  18. Charisa Sheralyne

    go back to my childhood memories, was so happy no pain that hurt me, that was a happiest time of my life. nobody push me so hard, i don't even know how hard this world. everything seems so happy :)

  19. Reza Fahlevie

    Gal gadot 😍😍😍😍

  20. arush kumar

    i fpund kartos killing people with distructablw voice

  21. hamada329

    CANON IN D !!!!!!!!! I’ve been listening to this for a month trying to figure why it’s music so recognizable..

  22. Technology knowledge

    *There are 347k comments if you find mine then you will Alive upto 100 years*

  23. 三月

    @​ Kshitij Parihar your comment makes me cried so hard

  24. 8.4 M


  25. battlefield is better than cod

    This was recorded on my birthday. Believe me. Hehe

  26. Rohan Roy

    *Let's all hope for a great and happy 2020! ♥♥*

  27. 5000 SUBSCRIBE before Christmas Challenge

    Who is better Like Maroon 5 Comment Maroon 5 Ignore Maroon 5 Breathe Maroon 5

  28. Hằng Phạm

    Mình muốn biết ý nghĩa của bài hát này, nghe mn nói nó để viết cho ai đó

  29. Fab Sea


  30. Furious Tokyo

    Trop bien je l'adore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍🤗

  31. Chindy yantira

    his voice was soft but high and smooth, and pleasant to hear, who agreed to like it

  32. 성연

    He looks like vidal

  33. Yawar Qadr

    U look like kratos

  34. Bia Tican

    Toast 🥂

  35. Alejandro Salgado

    Alguien De Colombia?

  36. Leah Wilkinson

    do you know da way


    The women like psycho

  38. Darius Sims

    The 1 person I ever loved is just that. A memory I can't forget. That's life though. Just gotta move on with the time.

  39. Subly

    you telling me they 2B view in two years in two Fucking year I'm done ffKJEWShfkhfLKjvDSfgkfhzsjd

  40. Enes İlgun

    I used to like watching lyric video of this song bcuz it was better than music video

  41. AkshiMa MagAr

    some songs you don't have to like or save.. it's always there in your mind :) <3

  42. Olivier Alexander

    Ik ga nu even niet meer in mijn agenda lezen

  43. Willer De Souza

    isso sim e musica

  44. Olivier Alexander


  45. 유민준Vocal Minjoon Yoo

    This song makes me cry😂

  46. bamboozled brat

    0% bad words 0% drugs 0% girls 100% memories

  47. iif hanifa nurrosyidah

    Love adam...still handsome

  48. Eimear Sweeney

    Love this tune🙌

  49. Fernando Rengifo


  50. Muhammed Saber

    الفكرة حلوووة جدا والاغنية جميلة جداااا

  51. Patricia Cabrera

    U.S.A Love Friend Maroon 5

  52. Lg Vscl

    Caraio baby shark, que música perfeita

  53. Antrianna Moustafa

    2019 was the most emotional year I had and this song hits the spot that Harte's 😔😔😭

  54. burak işbilir

    Amk ben niye bu şarkıyı dinleyince dünyada tek ben kalmışım gibi hissediyorum

  55. Ana Vitória

    2 YEARS AGO?! NO WAY!!!

  56. Esteban

    This song is without Cardi B, is better this version <3

  57. Clara Maria Belén Maciel


  58. Roberto Ventura

    Just lost my father 12.06.19 man this song is so beautiful. Death turn your world upside down. I love you and I miss you dad. We have it from here, don’t worry everything will be alright. 🎵🎶“Everybody hurts sometimes everybody hurts someday”🎵🎶

  59. billycatboy200 rblx

    Come on just like this to make me happy

  60. awasome dude

    I am missing my school memory when I listen to this music . Love from India

  61. Ashley Jerome Borromeo Pablo


  62. Cheldsy Climaco

    Aww Adam :( ♥️ We are here for you man

  63. Zero

    Cadê os br? Aaaaaaaaaah Vms dominar os comentários!

  64. juanardo xd


  65. Donaldo Villeda

    Like si te gusta comentario si no

  66. qslow _

    40% naked 10%striptease 50%talent

  67. Chavo BR

    1:31 Gal Gadot

  68. LOL soetisna

    I LIKE😆😆

  69. Sweta Mishra

    maroon 5 you are very grate you touch my heart

  70. Mihail Cangarliev

    Ai love

  71. Thiago Dimaso

    Like se crees que milie es linda

  72. God Forgive me

    Maroon 5:” December 6 2014” Me: “December 9 2019”

  73. Namelessly Powerful

    Why would ppl even dislike this song..????

  74. big chin the handsome

    Nobody: Everyone:2019 was a bad year i hate it

  75. muhammad ihsan

  76. overhaul chuwet

    2.50 like im playing gang star vegas and escaping the cops.

  77. HeangTSH

    R.I.P Adam Levine manager!

  78. Lori Hammer

    Tq for such a lovely song. Couldnt ask for more when you gave us so much memories to flash back during this song.

  79. Laura Michener

    Adam loved the Rolling Stones & Mick Jagger!!!

  80. Da lin


  81. Sultan Zaki F


  82. CheeHao Heaven

    why couple cant be together at the end, but god arranged them to meet each other

  83. 敖博

    2019 12 09

  84. Yusuf Budiman

    pep Guardiola

  85. Diksha Singh

    I almost daily watch this one <3

  86. san ignacio de loyola


  87. หลวงปู่เค็ม


  88. Millie is a ÿøūñg GODDESS


  89. 川村大悟


  90. Salami Tsunami

    Does this make you sad? Do you wanna be happy? put the speed on 2

  91. Georgia Dennis

    The people who disliked this video must have been holding their phones upside down.

  92. Samanta Rufino

    2019 aq 😍

  93. overhaul chuwet

    Memories....memories bring back you

  94. Thảo Hồ


  95. oula oula

    surfing on thefamous classical canon of Pachelbel

  96. Ci Fashion & Style


  97. Vicky Wallace

    😊😊😊😊😍I like it so much

  98. Hendra Nugraha

    aya orang sunda teu slur ??? #like

  99. דניאל חמרי

    Hello guys, let's see how many likes we get to this comment. So let's get going!

  100. magomatiuXd

    Los recuerdos traen recuerdos te traen a ti