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  1. whiskyhotel199

    I don't want to sound like I'm picking on kepa but for a record signing , I want to at least be able to see him constantly improving . He is not bad but I think he has slowed down his growing.

  2. Mukhamad Iqbal

    Chelsea unseeen extra after matchhx d posting donk

  3. Ed Glue

    I'm a Liverpool fan. I like Frank Good luck Frank. Straight talking, honest guy

  4. Haikal Haziem

    bad cameraman

  5. Akhin K

    Frank Lampard is the best free kick taker we have

  6. Charlo Majarlo08

    10th C’mon Chelsea

  7. Mohamed Ahmed

    Willam Mason mount just go to bed

  8. Wictor Wong

    3:34 feel bad for Barkley😔☹️

  9. GG Klaps

    Willian should take them

  10. Huy Phạm

    Love Chelsea 3000 ❤️. From Viet Nam 🇻🇳

  11. Tammy Abraham

    Me👍 ( I know i don’t take them😂)

  12. anshuman chauhan

    I think zouma isn't used to possession based football yet and it shows. He clears the ball when faced with a little pressure. He is afraid to take risk unlike tomori or rudiger or even Christensen during build ups. But he'll get there if given time.

  13. EZ7 Z


  14. Scythian 7

    Chelsea won't spoil weekend this time💙💙💙

  15. Ervin Dsouza

    George Benson followers here? 😉💙

    1. EZ7 Z

      Of course!

  16. Wlzx wolflexy

    Who else KNOWS that Chelsea are the best Trying to reach 100 subs

  17. Jefri Sumargo

    I love chelsea from indonesia 🇮🇩

  18. vRocketz

    Bournemouth are going down Come on You Blues💙

  19. James Guo

    chelsea hv best academy in englandddddd

  20. Bob Stones

    Yes fifth

  21. Ad Lad

    Both absolutely useless players. Can't wait for the both of them to be binned by RLC and Sancho.

  22. Noze


  23. Bailey Bowran


  24. محمد الكندري


  25. Fizzy Bananas

    Start Odoi, give pulisic a rest and play Willian on the left 👌🏼 looking forward to the game tomorrow

  26. Tiamike Mlambo

    Kepa dissappointed me the against Man city

  27. Gerald Ng



    My number one goal keeper..... @kepa am watching from uganda

  29. Keyboard Legendary

    Who the woman beautiful...Lucky man who to be her husband

  30. Alisher CFC

    Coach of year

  31. Colin S.

    That wry smile when Klopps contract was brought up...he had to be careful not to share his true feelings. Ha

  32. R4KGC

    But a better goal from Rashford

  33. Ade Hidayatullah

    Nadeo Argawinata

  34. SuperSaichander

    How long has he been at Chelsea again

  35. Paul Sharma

    I love the jacket 😍

  36. j - c

    Respect to Frank. From a LFC fan. Never liked Chelsea over years but always liked him and now I can tolerate Chelsea a lot more

    1. Lucas Da Paz

      j - c fair play lad. I’m a Chelsea fan amongst Liverpool supporters in my family so I respect Liverpool and have a soft spot for them. Classy team with a classy manager

  37. Ntuthuko Mkhize

    Wonderful saved, brilliant goal keeper it amazing..

  38. Grb C

    Marina doesn't age. For the last 7/8yrs she looks the same in these contract pics.

  39. Grb C

    With Big Fik signing, do we really need Aké? He doesn't make the squad too much better though. Will also hamper tomori game time.

  40. Syahmi Yusran

    The Blues till i die🔵 Love from Malaysia🇲🇾

  41. King Tshilobo

    I miss Ramires but who the hell is that number 6 for us, oriol? This is why I miss Hazard and Kante reminds me of Ramires he was everywhere on the field for us

  42. King Tshilobo

    Cech was so good unlike Kepa.. I miss us playing like this with this fighting spirit. When both Hazard and Willian were great in those wings. Defense was solid too

  43. Noel Shaju


  44. caadil Jibriil

    Super Frank lampard one of us 🏇🏇🤔

  45. Jaynoy Noynamkum


  46. Khassim Stepper


  47. Reggie K

    1 very simple improvement Chelsea need, and it baffles me why hardly anyone mentions it is...........................a top goalkeeper, Kepa is laughably bad, consistently so, he hardly looks bothered most of the time, and half the goals scored against Chelsea this season a quality gk would have either stopped them or at least gone for them and got close, the amount of goals kepa has stood still and watched go past within arms reach is mind-boggling. Everyone keeps mentioning potential, and the great saves he makes in training, thats in training ffs, most players look and play better in training because there are less eyes on them and much like being down the park for a kickabout for the average Joe, you relax and play/express yourself a bit more. how many years do you wait for this "Potential" to appear? get kepa out on loan in january and a quality replacement in!! it will hugely improve Chelsea and the results immediately, if he starts to play well consistentley and starts attempting to save everything (at least within arms reach) then he might get a recall into a now much improved team.

  48. shantal Obiero

    The future of Chelsea

  49. Your dads barber

    Man like Fik

  50. Kieran Steers

    Ake, Chilwell, Sancho, Werner.

    1. Farhan Hasan

      Kieran Steers agree

  51. Dale Collins

    We need a top quality keeper....Neur at Bayern Munich would do.

  52. graham jones

    The Chelsea team...They'll show great bouncebackability

  53. Jan Kraul

    Petr Cech, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba. Good old Chelsea times :)

  54. Ghetto Aquatics

    Great player, this is the newest video on here so Frank go all out to get depay when need a new forward, Lyon nightmare fans don’t deserve a player like him, he can play LW RW CF and ST, he would work really well with Tammy if needed, fits ar style of play and would be great January signing, if I had any of the boards numbers, Frank or jody I’d call them and say the same ha ha, plus Liverpool, spurs and Utd wanted him ( don’t no if it’s true) so we could get one over on them, I’ll put a bluey to it myself ha ha


    No answer on any question. 🤓🤓🤓

  56. Liz E

    Tammy 4:58

  57. F3o0x

    Ziyech and Sancho for sure

  58. F3o0x

    Ziyech for sure

  59. Liz E

    Callum 1:12

  60. Nahum Nainggolan

    Chelsea 7-1 Bournemouth. Kepa First goal. Hehe :)

  61. Stephen Mgombele

    Please Frank bring one CB world classic and game killer Timo wemer and ziyech not zaha.

  62. HivinsoPlayz Games

    He is also a Great Manager

  63. Andres

    Tomori and Rudiger will make history

  64. Mike in C.C.

    What dolt would ask Lamps about Klopp's contract extension? Who gives a rip? Pretty sure Frank doesn't.

  65. โอ ฮานามิ ฮาจุงเบย


  66. The Algerian Tank

    Why the sound quality is so low?

  67. TicketBeast

    3:27 one of the greatest footballing moments of my life...

  68. Arian Ramadani

    Sing joe hart,chilwell, ake & leom bailey thats all we need

  69. محمد بن نجمة

    ديدي دروغبا ملك القارة الإفريقية نعم دروغبا ملك ملوك إفريقيا👑

  70. Akbar Bakhtiar Widiyanto

    In Indonesia, you can find a goalkeeper who is similar to Kepa, you can find it under the name Nadeo Argawinata

  71. Prince Fei

    She Look's Hot. Yees Am Talking About Marina.💙

  72. Tammy Abraham

    See you tomorrow

  73. Mo Madni

    Get Koulibaly to partner him

  74. Billy Cooney

    1:05 thats me in the bottom left corner and im NOT picking my nose

  75. Don Pablo alvaro maldini

    Sound it’s poor. You hear it from left to right

  76. Prince Fei

    Frank Said I want Players Who Want to Play For Chelsea. that Means Something. I Trust In Frank💙💙💙

    1. Xerox0928

      Frank bleeds blue. And that is a fact

  77. Glenn Rio Eli Kutsienyo

    The best soccer team in the world shout out to everyone in Chelsea am a Chelsea fan too #1 fan here

  78. Horváth Márkusz

    We're just making history!

  79. michael murillo


  80. Ali G

    I'm snorting lines for this humungous dub!!

  81. michael murillo

    Now if only he would play instead of zoumra

  82. 乔治国王KingGeorge

    *Dec 2019?*

  83. Fagno Torres

    Torres 👍😄


    Nice news 😁🤟

  85. Zebedee Kawei

    That watch looks sleek.

  86. Zenn Labs

    Zaha signing would piss off batsu and Sancho signing would piss off pulisic, Hudson odoi and batsu. Werner-ake-chilwel in the summer 👍

  87. Rahul Rebello

    I’ve just noticed something that we have in common. Our senior players are thrash but our youth are very good.

    1. CHO

      Not really, A lot of our senior players such as Jorginho, Kovacic, Kante, Azpi, Willian, Rudiger are not thrash, speak for yourselves lmao😂


    My only wish before i die one day is to hear Marina or Roman give at least one interview on camera.


    Marina, Brucy and Roman are making better and better footballing decisions since they gave Conte the boot. Sarri didn't work out but at the time we all agreed the club needed new direction and a change of philosophy, they listened and got it done. After the disaster that was the 17/18 transfer window, most of those flops have been shipped out. Our darling Frank has been put at the helm. They have installed Chelsea men in the backroom staff. Roman is not interested in selling anymore. And key academy products like James, Tomori, Abraham and Mount all getting long term deals. We could have the 3rd Roman dynasty on our hands in the next decade 💙💙💙💙💙

  90. Zebedee Kawei

    Just a shout out to Marina. She is so badass, haha.


      Right?? Since she booted Conte out, I've agreed with nearly every move she has made. She is slowly becoming better and better at making good football decisions.

  91. U.K. M B France

    Frank Best tomorrow win 100 % 👍

  92. Singappuli Wijewardana

    But Kepa's goalkeeping is under the microscope.

  93. Aleix Browne

    Timo Werner please

  94. QMaulana

    Tomori, the place where Taki met Mitsuha...

  95. * Dok

    "Cazzo guaddi" ?

  96. AlexV Channel

    I love this highlights do more like this CHELSEA !!!

  97. Bradley Lai

    150 + IQ answers

  98. Rusydi Bourlyn

    Tetap semangat terus untuk pemain muda nya

  99. Andrew Tan

    Conte has been bad since Chelsea to inter Milan

  100. Trublu328

    For a Chelsea v Bournemouth press conference too many questions referencing Liverpool