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  1. TeqniSa

    Who else misses old smosh?

  2. bob sagget's dad

    Ian doesn't know how to jump rope

  3. Yael Feder

    Opening scene is so me when I’m sick🤣

  4. JaCoOl

    This was a happy memory but when anthony left it all change😢

  5. RainbowFury

    Is Shane short? Or Anthony was just tall?

  6. Pkeriya Keys

    Okay well now I don’t have to read my study guide and play Gacha life instead YAY!!! ADVICE FOR IDselR TAKEN

  7. Izuku Midoriya

    I miss anthony

  8. JOHNSMITH11, The Guy of Thunder

    Fkn Damien's has to be my favorite of the subs. Dude was fkn crazy lol

  9. Clout Sukker

    Epic niNja fortnite made his career and he will Kiki for money

  10. Nicole Hogquist

    Hoverboard I called the dog

  11. Ali Lyn

    They said they made it to Tokyo, while Mount Fuji is outside the window… Mkay...

  12. Mairead Boucher

    9:07 return of the sassy legs infantry

  13. Hikaru

    Yay they brought this back!! I really like this show!!!

  14. Arjan Singh

    Inaccurate where’s the brown guy running the store

  15. Erezeeno

    Prank fake, dead prank, unrealistic.

  16. Ria Da Cool

    2045 anyone?

  17. Twin Avocados

    4:34 like if you recognised the merrel twins.

  18. Red Rodent


  19. UseCodeBlox


  20. SALTY


  21. general property

    ian scares me

  22. Leslie Stevenson

    going justin funny fun us were

  23. Owen Dalton

    Bro I was thinking about this video earlier, that’s kinda freaky I’m a Sagittarius btw and it’s so damn true

  24. Ashton Films FX!

    Man this videos is so funny I’m gonna BALLS!!!

  25. Alex

    Even If It Was in 2012 Its Still Amazing Content

  26. Guangming Wei


  27. Flash Logan

    Me before I got Tik Tok: Nah I ain’t gonna get addicted Me after: Addicted? Oh yeah totally

  28. Kole Newton

    Bro those runs Keith was hitting were mint

  29. Sans


  30. Sans

    1:04 -Dammit!

  31. StanGoblinism

    How is this channel still afloat?

  32. 12-23

    Ok ashhole

  33. The Crescent ツ

    This is *“where it all started”*

  34. Ludagen

    This video is offensive

  35. Violetta Sauveterre

    Feel like going to a Denny's now.

  36. Capricorn 03

    It looked like the old team 10 house at first lmao

  37. E r i c a

    Smosh doesn’t feel the same anymore :(

  38. Godzzilra777

    They should have jinx

  39. Dom

    Where’s Anthony ?

  40. James Asuncion

    They plan to get copy

  41. Lorena

    Where is he now though?

  42. Wyatt Braun

    Shayne's hat at 3:38

  43. 12-23


  44. Rose_Foreva TwT

    Every boomer ever?

  45. acer

    Just realized that this was posted on my birthday

  46. Jose Luis Martinez


  47. 12-23

    *I miss everything*

  48. Rocket Fighter

    The one that he was in the room made me not take drugs

  49. Hank Krohe

    I loved when Shayne attempted the broken clock woah!😂

  50. Apoorva Janawlekar

    This is my new favourite pizza place

  51. Sans

    Anthony Padildo

  52. Yee kachu

    5:22 girl you looking like a fricking spaghetti

  53. abdulrahman khifo


  54. wendell ramos

    Godly reecom...

  55. Sir Oli


  56. Rose_Foreva TwT

    Every wierd kid ever?

  57. Fortnite_geek Gamer


  58. President Plush 69

    Just say *insert the year we are in then say anyone?*

  59. Minecraft Hypixel Pit

    Lol they where not brothers ahha they where his skin colour

  60. Last Gen Rictofen

    Number 1 kahoot name

  61. Minecraft Hypixel Pit

    I though this channel is not that 18plus

  62. Nate Harris


  63. Creeper Minecraft000

    Who saw Noah's arm pits

  64. Tisheeka White

    Can you do every Chick-fil-A ever

  65. whammy3323

    I need to know what kind of dog Courtney has... she looks exactly like mine!!

  66. Blank

    I’ve actually had a lot of these experiences at Denny’s. Especially the sticky menus. God it drives me crazy...

  67. Erik Johnson

    who came to see how mny people have a micropenis | v

  68. FriendlyPEOPLE_;3

    When they were talking about pstains I bet Ian secretly liked being smothered by the girls

  69. MysticScorpion 9928

    Not gonna lie, but that soup looks good

  70. kuan xiang

    Name of the girl?

  71. Lorena

    4:31 I like how he just wrote "Voldemort" in that notebook.

  72. kuan xiang

    What the girls name?

  73. icepaws 31


  74. Jane Swidan

    2019 anyone?

  75. Terence Reyes

    Funny this video was released the day i called in sick at work

  76. BrandonBrandon

    Do every Pinterest

  77. Romy Masella

    "YOU LOOK SO GOOD WITH THIS HAIR" YESSSS! Finally someone who understands!

  78. Comanta Fox

    My favorite part WBA’s when they peed

  79. Kingjayy_566 2

    First time seeing this LOL 😂

  80. kilee pine

    This shit still makes me laugh I miss this Amish but I know that people grow and they had to grow out of it I’m sure that if it was still like this it would be like really bad humor

  81. w1ldh0rserider

    I literally just realized that Brianna is Tana 😂😂

  82. Jayden Cedillo

    Fine artist at the end the kid was black now we was White

  83. j c

    I walk up to the fridge like that everyday.

  84. Levano chambers


  85. hey tayo


  86. Animal and Food Lover

    Courtney and Ian "hooking up" is weird they are pretty much siblings

  87. Tamara Teale

    WHYYYYYYYYY 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  88. Nicky Star300video

    Marvel:jingle bells Batman smells Robin laid egg Ian: SHUT UP!

  89. Rafaelle Francisco

    2 0 1 9 ? Anyone?

  90. The Ender Dragon Games

    2:40thank me later

  91. Dalton Mann

    4:50 is pretty much me on a regular basis


    They are roasting themselves

  93. Fangirl 2.0

    Katana is a hero XD not a villain lol

  94. Mason Wu

    This is a other edition of unfriended

  95. Morve

    2013 lol