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  1. Lawrence Gutierrez

    Fridays are awesome with Molly. Everyday should be Friday

  2. Jack Zollner

    Lakers will win the finals against the bucks, remember this comment 😜

  3. DaQuan

    Most overrated player in the nba

  4. Serious Aleks

    Please replace Molly with this cute chick

  5. Lawrence Gutierrez

    I love fridays on First Take, no Molly lol

  6. Thomas Erb

    What a game

  7. Eric Thompson

    Man please

  8. Gregory Hodges

    Uh haha

  9. Marvin Conson

    Are you sure Pacquiao ran from you...hahahah your promoter is the one who has a lot of excuses.

  10. Shane Anthony

    Can't teach heart

  11. Desyre Jc

    I played an aau game in that court

  12. kenneth griffin

    does this push him over 40ppg? the media doesn't even mention him in MVP talk lol

  13. Mina Eldiwany

    I have the Steelers beating the Bills at home.

  14. Mina Eldiwany

    I have the Saints beating the Colts at home.

  15. 213

    I don't expect Kawhi, Lou, and Pat to play in Chicago within 21 hours after this one. Lou is out with a sore calf. He should miss a couple like Pat did last month. He should have 6 days off if he misses against Phoenix too.

  16. timothee murillo

    Where’s Wade over Varejao?

  17. 이동엽

    털보네이터 50+wow

  18. bigskinny61

    @4:56 😂😂😂😂😂😂 CLASSSIC!!!!!

  19. Got Game

    There’s no reason why Lopez shouldn’t be fighting lomachenko after Saturday’s bout

  20. Sean Lann

    This season's Conference finals would be lit Lakers vs Clippers Bucks vs 76ers

  21. Yeet Yeet


  22. Kobe Da Goat

    There both making the playoffs. One team just as a wildcard no way steelers make it

  23. jesse grieb

    Bruh max is so much better then SAS

  24. Mina Eldiwany

    I have the Jaguars upsetting the Raiders on the road.

  25. V V

    Lamar jackson for mvp and superbowl champs

  26. barton fink

    Like Jordan and Pippen back in 95-96 vs the Pacers

  27. 360 Cam

    Beat duo in da league when healthy 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  28. Nunnie Jones

    Pg is best in NBA no cap 🏀🗣let's go Pg

  29. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    *_It's @ _**_2:37_**_ in case you wanted to know!_*

  30. quick silver

    Then he lose against the real deal

  31. Christoher Gomez

    Maybe box should take off points for running.

  32. Tupac 4life

    Maybe that’s why Lebron had so many turnovers. He was upset about his Son’s game. Im sure he would’ve still had a few turnovers, cause the Heat play great Defense. But Lebron never done this before... ever. Yet with all them turnovers, we still pulled away 🔥💪🏾🤪

  33. sableghost

    Paul Pierce put himself in a figure four leg lock

  34. Welcome To Watch Mo

    I swear to god I wouldn’t even want Molly in my fucking kitchen.

  35. 213

    *Kawhi's* *Villian-Hero* *Flip-Flop* *Narrative* - Blame Kawhi for quitting on the Spurs. - Praise Kawhi for his heroic 2019 playoffs. - Slander Kawhi again for load management.

  36. Mina Eldiwany

    I have my Texans beating the Titans on the road because I think the Texans are going to feel angry after losing to the Broncos at home last week. And plus every time the Titans are the favorite they lose and every time they are the underdog they win. So since the Titans are favorite to win at home against my Texans I think they will lose. And in my opinion the Texans are the better team than the Titans.

  37. Bryan

    "We were down today because of me." Team Chemistry 100+

  38. Brandon Uwanawich

    To bad Baltimore is one of the worst cities in the world it’s so ugly and disgusting

  39. killerqueen2000

    Philly isn't built for the playoffs! Don't believe the hype!

  40. Mohar Ikram

    This team is legit scary when Oladipo is back. They play like a team without him... with him... man, scary.

  41. cameron sheppard

    he looks the happy in miami

  42. DMONEYY 34

    Should’ve kicked out molly for insinuating such a thing.

  43. Twan The Stone

    My goodness. How you let two players 40 piece you? Made it look light too.

  44. Dom Mill

    #330 Akron's Finest

  45. JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again

    It's not like the Ravens didn't pass up on him in the 1st round to they didn't take him until the end they had a pick early in the 1st round so all of the NFL Teams was wrong about him let's just agree on that!

  46. Dusse Boys

    Why is this even a question

  47. D3UCE16

    Staples Center won the offseason Clippers and Lakers bout to crazy Clippers won their first meeting on opening night hopefully Landry Shamet is healthy before the Christmas matchup cause this rivalry finna be a movie

  48. thepersianlion


  49. Kacey R.

    MVP of the season, he has my vote

  50. Low Week

    Super humble kawhi leonard

  51. Cass

    What trainers is Crawford wearing?

  52. Joseph Antonio

    Does that touch pass count both as rebound and assist?

  53. Reason over Dogma

    Wolves gave up 80+ to both LA teams .

  54. BlkDiesel

    Sooooooo LeBron and AD combined for 82 points against the Timberwolves. Then Kawhi and PG13 said: "Hold our beers!!!" and drop 88 on them. Welcome to the Klaw and PG Smooth Show!

  55. Mr. R.I.P

    He shouldn't have tried to get the mouth piece

  56. Brock Krushlucki

    Can there be a Co-Quad MVP year where 4 win? I mean how can you pick...

  57. Money Mike Productions

    To think Joe Flacco almost got Harbaugh fired...... thank goodness the Ravens have a patient owner like Steve Biscotti. BIG TRUSS!

  58. Robbie Carroll

    No, if you had the best shooter in the game currently you would want him to shoot in a 1v1 which for him is still easy rather then pass it to a great passer as seen, they have great chemistry as seen in the highlights they work well.

  59. cirquemedia

    Pippen FTW!

  60. Its KEL Official

    After Seeing Loma vs campbell. Teofimo can crack loma on distance. Teofimo should get that fight.

  61. Isaac Camara Fernando

    Trolling 101

  62. FreddieBTV

    Bobby talk like he got razor blades under his tongue. could barely understand my mans

  63. Buckeye 19

    If he was would want him banned.


    As a big patriots fan I wish the Ravens and Lamar Jackson the best of luck. Go Patriots!

  65. Joe Coen

    Conlon is a monster

  66. The HOWARD

    That's not cherry picking

  67. dAVI 8

    Stfu jay

  68. Inez Qtaish

    Fan, shadow of fan on the wall black seat cross red light white bottomcat walking heard door open running down the stairs red light black tail sniffing around black baby picture two birds candy jar cross black baby picture black barbecue grill hear foot steps running white wall unknown bucket white side red light

  69. 213

    Almost choked away a 27 pt lead but Clipper Nation will take the W. They're still building their chemistry. Clippers likely will rest Kawhi tomorrow. Maybe even Paul too. Bulls can go beat us. Rather we remain healthy.

    1. Melanie Balbaquera


  70. Shaheer Khan

    lamar mvp and the ravens win the super bowl, i wish i was from bmore but im from dallas :/

  71. Mike Lawry

    Luka, LeBron, greek and AD could never

  72. Raymond Balderama

    You are so full of bs

  73. MikeC0ww

    took them this long to talk about my heat and its just because we played the lakers... smh

  74. O G

    Because he is not Giannis dummy! Don't get it? Jay Williams says nonsensical things.

  75. YA M

    DAVE GETTLEMAN HAS TO GO. along with patshurmer

  76. C Dot

    Giannis > Kawhi & PG > Bron & AD

  77. Victor

    Didn't she force him to marry her? Gold digger. Makes sense why his mom and sisters don't like her

  78. No Game No Life

    Yeah, there's no money or fame in this world that would make up for missing your own sons' games. Something that I think he's dreaming for a long time

  79. Jonathan Filson

    Time to TITAN UP boys!

  80. sivan ferna

    Where did these clipper fans come from lol? The warriors?

    1. Loc T

      You expect Clippers fans to be loud and proud when they used to be bad? tf you mean?

    2. Josue Zarate

      Actually there have been a pretty decent amount of clips fans because of lob city. They have just carried over the years. Plus playoffs last season showed people what kawhi can do, so some casual fans kept that in their heads when choosing a team to root for.

    3. Sosa 007

      Most of them

  81. Darius Clark

    I hope he sits out vs the Hawks and plays less than 30 vs the Pacers. They have the Bucks, Nuggets, and Clippers in a row SHEESH.

  82. Michael Clayton

    This guy is garbage and lazy

  83. Southpaw D’Cat

    Stephen A ESPN should fire you!!!

  84. Jay Dell

    Kendrick nunn is better than hero and robinson.

  85. Simon A

    I got 6 bitches - Pippen

  86. Archie Ryan

    Hahaha..uae doesnt know TC had a figtht.poor pay per view for

  87. SolidWallsOfSound

    Balkan boy

  88. Rule

    Looks like Jimmy Buckets and the crew ran into a King and Brow tonight and it didnt end well..😂😂

  89. Comedy House

    Crawford is one of the greatest in the division. Bob Arum is not promoting him enough.

  90. EyeLoveTheStars

    The Jordan and Pippen of my generation. Good luck stopping Maple Jordan, Laker fans.

    1. Leo Wagner

      Didn’t know jordan and pippen were overrated. Nice to know

    2. EyeLoveTheStars

      @zpe1200 2020 champs.

    3. zpe1200

      nah they won't last 2 seasons

  91. notorious chase

    bro what defense is that

  92. Mr PancakeDemon

    Been a Miami fan since 2000

  93. ThatguyNice

    Jets were playing better as a unit, despite many injuries. Had they won, they would've won 5 of last 6, lead by a stingy run defense. SAS argument to discredit LJ's performance is weak A.F.

  94. ivan urias

    My picks: Packers over bears for sure. Vikings over Chargers (maybe). Texans over Titans😱, Patriots. Raiders over Jaguars yeah. Giants over Dolphins. Chiefs over broncos. Cowboys gotta win sometime right i have en over the Rams. Seahawks over panthers ? Upset is possible douugh. Colts get a win this week. Steelers won't beat the bills (upset is possible too). Niners win, eagles over redskins, that broncos Game is interesting, the Raiders have to win, the falcons will lose, and the lions and cardinales also. Jets already Lost.

  95. Aaron Hernandez

    Cowboys are trash rams win 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. 30ShadesWild

    Lebron and AD vs Kawhi and PG

  97. Stacey Jones

    Just bought a ticket to the Hawks game too 😕

  98. Chapo Supreme

    We need somebody else who can create their own shot and soon

  99. caca yang

    The cowboys has made stephen a smith mentally unstable

  100. ATL 1

    Steven A: as a Black man, let me make myself very very clear, unlike you other negros, I know all of the SAT words.