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  1. angel nada

    lea look have china vibe for me

  2. Iaru :3

    Shy Ryujin is so cutee

  3. Sarita Danaswara

    i laughed at the way denise sat

  4. Teguh Darsono

    Thank you for become indonesian reprenstator :)

  5. Iaru :3

    Lia didn't give her heart to Yeji because she loves Ryujin hahah

  6. Danur Dara

    I hope you are will be more successful ❤️

  7. Tere y Cris kawaii


  8. Um_ who dis

    kihyun sNApPEd

  9. Romi Romi

    Monster' rookie yeah :*

  10. Lemonade

    Oh my gosh soodam aegyo, i think i will get a heart attack :)

  11. Yendi Aditian Putra

    When will we get other members episode? 🥺

  12. Sri Mulyani

    Dita Love you... ❤

  13. Nobody knows

    Now we need all members

  14. Leila Santos

    What was he sipping on a plastic?

  15. Hilma Aditia

    Love you Dita.. Love you Lea.. Love you SECRET NUMBER💕❣❣❣❣

  16. Ihsan Anafi

    Best Aegyo Buing buing buing (Dita) and Soodam :( omg soo cute. I'm sure they will become a big group and win many awards in the future. I just pray for the best for all of you! fighting!

  17. kalfin setiawan

    subtittle please

  18. thekakagirl


  19. Wijib Qulyuby


  20. Irjan Sangadji

  21. kim nisa

    Lea eonni like apink sunbaenim😍😍😍

  22. Noni Agfiatni

    The way Lea Jinny says : "Ah pulang yukk gaess Soodam sok bat imut" lol make my dayyy❤❤😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Nittaste

    Lea look a like Daisy momoland

  24. Melon Koplo

    Jingan yg komen indo semua

  25. 도도럽

    진짜 웃겨 우리 도혀니♥♥♥ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  26. []

    모가 꿀떨어져;;;;;;; 눈물떨어지지ㅜㅜㅜ



  28. Raihan Rafi.

    It goes without saying that this was a LIT stage, but the size difference between Kihyun and Shownu in the last pose is sending me... 🤣

  29. Nelly Rachma

    Sayang mbak ditaaa😘

  30. Healther Company

    Gasspol guys ayokkk Vote secret number sekarang udah di posisi 1, yg di posisi 2 lagi ngegas. Jangan sampe di susul. Ayookk vote :

  31. arya

    2:32 since I’m a new official NCTzen can some son explain me the “wonbin,hyeonbin,lee Donghyuk” thank you👉🏽👈🏽🥺

  32. Anais Fagúndez

    Omg cuties ♡

  33. Mona Afifah


  34. 로지Rosie

    This was quality I laughed and choked

  35. Tutrisye Antameng

    Denise and dita sits like lesbian 🥰🥰😂😂😂😂 I ship them 🥰😂😂

  36. cintyaayunda putri09

    This girl is funny, and why with lea? Gosh is you a mood maker?😂😂😂

  37. 로지Rosie

    God nothing describes the love for Kevin I have

  38. Mhyra Suzanti

    Lucu banget SN😂lea dita so cute

  39. Tri Setia Pratiwi

    Klik view... Skip2...langsung ke dita 😂



  41. Mhyra Suzanti

    Yeeey trending again Fighting SN

  42. Salehatun Zahra

    OMG DITA, I like dita😍😍

  43. Praka Satria

    hope you guys can go international 👍 what a debut 👏

  44. Ariel Maristo

    trending saja

  45. Faizah Sync

    I see "Dita" I click

  46. khaliza syifa A


  47. Christian Sinambow

    DITA from Indonesia??? :)

  48. 박용리


  49. sunshine_97

    Apa cuma gue yg salfok sma kakinya denise 🤣

  50. Fera Novianty

    Ngmng koreanya medok bngt😂

  51. Fera Novianty

    Medok bnget mba😂

  52. born 2 lyf

    the last part i’M WHEEZING

  53. Des

    YOOO I LOVE THIS but whos the dude with the long black hair in the white shirt?


    when is the promotion to Indo?

  55. A B


  56. Muhammad Wildan

    Wajahnya mirip semua ya

  57. Rian Bana

    Kwkw si dita kek emak emak indonesia kalo belanja muter muter kesana kesini tapi yang dibeli sedikit bahkan ga beli apa apa jadinya

  58. Kitten Kimin89

    Lea you're the good leaderr..with a group as a leader as you..the group will have a good bounding both a members and with the fans

  59. Alda agustina

    I think Lea like soomin running man

  60. Hilda Chairunnisa

    How to vote them? I really want to vote them so much💕

  61. Serba Serbi

    gue nangis, nangis ngga' ngerti artinya.

  62. QPAD

    Where's the eng sub?

  63. Marissa Skye

    Indonesians rarely eat raw food. A few of us do, but mostly dont. That explain why Dita said she can eat raw salmon but the rest or other than that, no.

  64. AP up APVLog

    don't forget to vote SN on the IDOLCHAMP, MWAVE, STARPLAY,.install apk on the playstore.. keep always streaming all video SN on the naver tv, mubeat, youtube, spotify..install apk on the playstore,login and search "secret number"..spam like and comment in there.. LET'S MAKE THEIR WIN FOR 1ST IN KOREA..AND MAKE THEM POPULARITY SO HIGHEST..

  65. Ro

    the way i keep replaying haechan’s goodbye summer cover 🥺🥺

  66. Della panji Saputra

    Gak ngerti mereka ngomong apa 😭😭😭😭 napa kgk ada indo subt.nya.... 🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒

    1. New World

      itu ada sub Inggris nya

  67. Im Okai

    Finally, video other than a performance video with proper english subtitles :D Shout out to the interviewers team they did really well that these girls are very comfotable and so natural. Loving their friendship tho. Someone had to give them that rookie award.

  68. sun shine

    Satu lagi selain lagu yg bikin mereka terlihat tidak seperti rooky adalah usia. Sehingga cara komunikasi dengan media Dan lainnya, lebih dewasa. Rata2 usia mereka 24 25 kecuali Denis. Saya ingat dulu 2ne1 Ada Dara Dan parkbom yg sudah usia 25 saat itu (dianggap sudah telat Masuk girlgrup pada masa itu) tapi mereka besar dan mampu berkomunikasi dengan fans dengan baik Karena ATTITUDE baik Dan lucu Dan pandai menempatkan diri. 😊. Semoga SECRET NUMBER akan besar Dan terbang ke angkasa tapi pertahankan Hati yg membumi (ramah Dan rendah hati).. SN fighting !

  69. Riki Prata


  70. Alex Kurnia

    Lea without make up is puppy face Mine is bulldog

  71. Nola Yolanda

    i subscribe star k for Secret Number :)

  72. Nola Yolanda

    OMG Soodam is really cuteeeeee

  73. Magical Sweet Potato

    I love how Denise talk. She's so funny I wanna be friends with her

  74. Pandawa Crew

    Where's part two?

  75. Evan Linkinmore

    Dita ❤️❤️

  76. Olga Dudnik

    they're all so adorable!

  77. Fajar AJS

    Amazing Dita, I like you

  78. Fajar AJS

    Amazing Dita, I like you... Hehehe

  79. Purple 98


  80. Hafsa Elaoufi

    Freind: who's your bias Me : the one with the purple suit

  81. Putri, TS

    Gesturnya Lea tuh elegan banget😍

  82. Mexiarequel Rey

    Kakk ditaaaaaaaa😍😍😍 uwuwuuu

  83. a j

    Kak.... ditaaaanyaaa grogi ngomong bahasa Indonesia, sooooo cuteeeeeee 💖

  84. a j

    I love the way the other members knowing Dita very well ❤️

  85. Magika 15

    When is the other 3 release?

  86. Tati Zárate


  87. Aditya Fajrip

    Ninggalin jejak.. I really exited for this girl grup, i stan them... They'll be famous, and become big soon

  88. Nur Zafirah Che Nordin

    I dont know how to describe this but haechan is really make me focus on him ONLY..he is really a moodmaker,everything he does or saying make me love him more and more,make my eyes glued at him and not to mention his visual here is just ughhhh..haechan aaaaa i miss u already

  89. End Of Spring by Onewe is the summer bop of 2020

    1:25 MCND be like "what did we just hear?" but me, a russian, was also like "tf was that my language? bc I didn't understand😂" ok that accent was thicc

  90. 7armybts

    This is so precious , just like our boys.

  91. K-Pup


  92. 신유나


  93. CalmBeforeTheStorm

    Minjae: It’s Win’s face control. Yep, cause Win has an amazing poker face. No one can ever tell what he’s thinking. He is an enigma.🤣 (Also, MCND, I know you guys have probably been struggling with this terrible scandal the last two weeks, but just know I support you one hundred percent. 💚)

  94. hind Nouri

    Omg they read our comments

  95. Your Local Trashy ARMY

    Omg dahyun and Jin look so smolllllll next to chanyeol

  96. Abbey Potucek

    I know this is older but dam love the outfits so sharp.

  97. Limb Bizkit style

    Dita manthul..... Fighting Dita

  98. AL FerRoezer

    Soodam aegyo is my life

  99. Bc Ill


  100. Hikari Yukirawa

    Dita karang:*