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  1. Cat 13706

    There is a clue in the video w subtitles at 8:29. Just so you don't have to look for it. photos.app.goo.gl/LHB86geoYvuw46HD7

  2. Riley Herrington

    I study blacksmithing and history a lot. Interesting thing about the bronze age is we find a lot of artifacts. That's because bronze is a very stable metal. More so than iron and steel which will rust and decay easily. But we do know there were limited accounts of iron smelting in the bronze age (Look up Vered Jericho Sword). So depending on how ancient the artifacts are, maybe the gold equipment are the only things left useable, as gold doesn't tarnish or corrode easily, albeit very soft. Given the choice between between fighting a skeleton with a sharp gold bar or fists, I'd know what I'd choose.

  3. aMemes

    BRUH. LUIGI IS WITH DAISY! (Reference Mario Kart Wii: Daisy Circuit)

  4. Undying Shrimp

    When r u going to make that pillager and villager theory? Take your time make it good 👍

  5. Blue Cat Flowers

    i've just finished this trilogy and I like the main plot and the ending but this video really made me like it even more, this is the real deal. Now I don't even care if this is true or not, MatPat indoctrinated me.

  6. Ethan Braun

    Matpat: im done Scott in 2020: I think not

  7. Minecraft Alex

    If the gnat world goes along with custom night and it’s canon with that does that mean the extra animatronics are real like shadow Bonnie that appears in fnaf 2

  8. joethezombie XD

    Mattpat, you need to do a monster Hunter on how fast does valstrax really fly, and how does he survive collisions with the ground at that speed. Like so mattpat can see

  9. Blake Rickertsen

    It would be cool if Minecraft added a Easter egg that when you give a drowned the heart of the sea they craft a conduit and they become human

  10. breezyvibe

    Kids learn from watching all videos. This is ridiculous. The folks who fined youtube should un-fine them. It was corrupt to do so. It's the New World Order. There is already a kid's youtube. It's not regular youtube. THIS is. This is bullshit.

  11. Denzel Ramos

    Force slow = Force boost

  12. Raging Gamer102

    cell wall

  13. Alexander Forbes

    BW's marvellous bridge ghost girl is not the OG - try Diamond/Pearl's ghost girl located in Old Chateau.

  14. Gona

    Wait a minute, if remnant is destroyed by overheating, how can the souls survive inside of molten metal??

  15. Viupcake

    MatPat Couch Chat?

  16. Viupcake

    Hey MatPat! You can use any of my fan art! You can even contact me and ask me to make you some >//w//< I love this channel! All fan artists for MatPat, UNITE!!

  17. Margaret Loi

    i feel like a theory talking about the wake up steve theory would be really interesting to watch

  18. breezyvibe

    If they want to save kids they can stop Satanic Ritual Abuse.

  19. Uncle WAH

    Matt: Hearts of the sea are very rare Me: Has 5 still can barely find natulist shells

  20. ERROR j

    A map pack can you tell me why some random fisherman can crash in midair I now live in a floating ship

  21. bad habits

    3 main timelines. 3 movements. 3 kids. 3 different child emotion phases.

  22. Onb1209

    Matpat last episode you forgot that elder guardians give you mining fatigue so that backs up evidence to suggest that they are protecting the treasure

  23. Minecraft Alex

    your missing something from the fnaf lore also everything is pretty much hostile

  24. Rocky Raccoon

    “Now that’s a lot of damage!”

  25. kittz 04

    I like the nugget reference (kindergarten)

  26. EVIN Manning

    Mine is Nov.10

  27. Omarion Andrews

    Hey did nobody notice that in fnaf 5 and 6 their are a lot of robots who have five fingers

  28. breezyvibe

    This is happening because China now owns youtube and we are going into COMMUNISM!!!!!

  29. Ave, Caesar!

    The drowned are the Sea People. Same geographic region, same culture, same barbaric conquests.

  30. Juanita Bennett

    *insert 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 i like turtles*

  31. Zgakihiro

    she dodges the question by changing the subject from the original question to somewhere else

  32. Kid Yuki

    So MatPat asked some questions and Susan Wojcicki said words in response to those questions, but can anyone tell me what's been gained from this interview? Nothing has been made any clearer. Wojcicki's answers didn't give us anything. It seems like the only positive thing to come out of this is people getting to say "Cool! MatPat got to ask the IDsel CEO some questions!"

  33. Sash&Zapp Draws

    I was thinking, it's said the piglins only attack players with golden armor on then or when opening a nerby chest, if not they remain neutral, maybe the chests and gold reminds them of the ancient builders? Since gold was mostly what they brought to the nether, they might have used golden armor all the time (who knows, maybe even as camouflage since everyhing there is red and yellow) If you use a golden armor they will get those vietnam flashbacks of the ancient builders

  34. Travis and Bri Bri show


  35. FACEforFREE

    It would of been better if they didn't die because my dog would still be alive too

  36. BotanicSatanic

    Lmao a cactus on a minecraft cactus table.

  37. Drama Scene

    "Toby fox is clearly trying to make a connection using game design between the overworld and Undertale" Toby Fox: No I just forgot to color Susie

  38. cashzd

    Possible theory: where did the eyes of ender go after the builders went in the portal???

  39. Luka Jagarčec

    Its like minecraft is writing a story and they will release it when its the time...

  40. Rylinn

    8th grade science class be like

  41. ChloChlo Samurai

    IDsel doesn’t allow Australians to donate 😔

  42. MisterFar

    Could this guy and MatPat get a separate channel? So I can avoid this dude.

  43. Noob Lozer.

    Are there any overpriced dlc’s here

  44. INDIV

    This is the exact same thing as people making gun laws who know nothing about guns...

  45. Opals Realm

    This is discouraging for people wanting to grow their channel or even attain monetization like me. Why can’t we just post videos with curse words, and if kids watch them then there should be a filter you can check so it isn’t available for kids. If there are pedophiles, they should be shut down in an instant. IDsel can filter them out. You can’t just protect the kids by banning them, lol

  46. DestinyMarkov

    I love the Billie Elish question and that smarmy little "ah-ha!"

  47. MrSucc

    It's Sekiro in space. Not bad.

  48. Chaos Gamer Zayas


  49. Hadiya Waheed

    I already know about the tree, planting thing....BUT! DIDN'T SKIP! THE INTRO BECAUSE! I WANNA LEARN MOREE

  50. MrSucc

    *Not Sponsored By EA*

  51. Braydon B

    Or the 23 pillars are just how it is built because of the dimensions of it? It's like saying that the desert temples are all the same size or that the original villager huts are all the same dimensions

  52. TheGoldenSwitch 21

    10:00. Only *TRUE* Minecraft fans remember the *OLD* leather armor texture.

  53. mega lemond

    Well they just put the family vlogs on IDsel kids and the rest on regular IDsel and you have to make an account for IDsel and make it so that you don't need a Gmail account to make a IDsel account

  54. Alligator on a stick

    *laughes in Scott Cawthon*

  55. S.S. Eccentric Skit!

    f in chat

  56. noisemaster

    Everytime i play mario and my mom watch she make me feel bad about killing the turtles because they are just dancing.

  57. Erick Mora-Hernandez


  58. Alice Angel

    Me when I saw plz just to better as a Mario maker level: 😂😂😂 There going to hate that. DGR would be proud

  59. Anonymous Mr. Anson

    All of these tragic undead stories of failure make me think that, in Minecraft, *we* aka the players are the perfect civilization. We are able to finish what the old builders started many times over, we adapt and learn with each update, and even the apparent gods of the game talk directly to us after we beat the most powerful beast. Maybe *we* are the fruition of all of these failed civilizations. Just maybe...

  60. craniu de usturoi

    if you were moving fast enough for something to be slow, then all objects should appear slower...not just one as it is shown in the game. Right?

  61. Alexandru Cocolici

    They said the same thing about the TV, they said the same thing about the phone and now the circle of not accepting new tech continues

  62. songs i like

    My heart sunk hearing they never made it back home

  63. BL4Z3

    "Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in meters and millimeters"

  64. Don Rod

    I love the INTRO especially Nugget away!

  65. Kanakari

    nobody: Matpat at the end of the video: *asmr time*

  66. jason chacon

    The thing IDsel doesn't get is if they get rid of those IDselrs most other people will leave

  67. Jawsy Pawsy

    what if instead of doing a exact mimic of the cells that make up past tracer, they SLIGHTLY change it, and we are talking like tiny tiny tiny

  68. Ty Levesque

    After around 35 days the zombies flesh should be decayed to the point where their muscles wouldn't be functional and they wouldn't be able to do anything

  69. Katt McConnell

    Water breathing, dark vision, and haste also sound like super useful things for pirates to have.

  70. Cybear The Cute

    green is the female protagonist from the gen 3 remakes

  71. Brett Van

    Seriously, there should be a Minecraft movie or TV series where Steve and Alex are the main characters, Notch is the mentor, Herobrine is the ultimate villain, and all these mysteries are solved by them based on your theories.

  72. SnakeNinja

    Get gud

  73. Billy Robinson Year 7

    When matpat doesn’t put a meme at the end

  74. Pablo the Commando

    Alternate Theory So I kinda have a Noah’s ark style theory. So I think in the ancient civilizations, the people had magic. That will come up later. Anyway, so the people were pirates and fishermen, and worshiped Gods, and the Gods didn’t like that they used the power given to them to steal from others, so they sent a great flood that swallowed them up. However, some people found the rumored hearts of the sea, great, intelligent people, and they knew that if the great items were given to anyone else, they would surely be used in bad ways. The Gods intended this. The people created two types of defenses for the great monuments: the quality and the quantity; the guardians and the drowned. They created the guardians out of the same material as the monuments, so that they may be blessed, these creatures would drop fish that was skewered on their spikes. The drowned were created by a spell enchanted on the sea that caused the weak minded to be transformed into drowned, and they would do the bidding of the Gods. They would also bring treasures and gold with them, and left the gold within the monument as an offering. Soon the creators of these things died, and the conduits were deactivated. However, the Gods left everything they had, because they would send a new people. One less powerful with magics. The Gods also left the enchantment, the drowned, and the guardians, in the hopes that the people would uncover them and worship them, but they did not. So the Gods severed the drowned and the guardians from human control, and let them roam the sea, trying to keep the people away. The world was the humans’ now, and the Gods would not help them.

    1. Pablo the Commando

      However, the still had totems of undying, as they signified worship to the Gods, and using them was like asking for forgiveness, showing weakness, and giving their lives to the Gods.

  75. Hayhurst Master42

    tree guy i think is the voice of morty not sure though

  76. Conceicao4

    So, none of them thought: "ight, time to go find another place to make a new city, so we don't drown in this one."

  77. Khalil

    she’s literally just dancing around every question right from the start. she just rambles on about things she’s done. “i actually said it was very important so yeah i’m good i promise”

  78. ShadowWolfTJC

    If I were in their shoes, I would've gone like Noah and built myself a ship full of all that's needed to start a new farming community, then sailed for new lands that would've been located at higher altitudes, where the rising waters wouldn't flood the land anytime soon.

  79. Kent Mansley

    B O O M E R .

  80. Fei Fei Li

    Hey, matpat, I recommend the lore of ARK, because it’s very interesting, and I think you’d like it.

  81. wooghiet

    Imagine trying to say my mother is the ceo of IDsel

  82. 1nsert Name Here

    In the Splatoon games in the solo campaign, it explains that there was a giant flood and all humans died, the squids and octopuses rose and can change into a 'kid' at will. DJ Octavio started a war with the Inklings and the Inklings won the war and turned it into a sport. Matpat, its not that hard, just find all the scrolls and read them. Or even just search it up.

  83. The soul saver

    Garalina is not a fake company!

  84. Richard Fenon

    Oh wait a minute balloras song Henry was good though ??????????????????

  85. Brett Van

    You should write and direct Minecraft: The Movie.

  86. Kid Buu Gaming

    The next video series is gonna be this mans trying to make Sekiro into a rhythm game XD but Infernoplus already did that

  87. Jacob Anderson

    The editors must love after effects and only have 1-2 projects per week. There's so much going on visually in these episodes and the creativity to represent the monologue never ceases to impress me as an editor

  88. MightyNighty7

    2016 MatPat: Cancer? yea that can wait 2019 MatPat: *raises over a million for St. Jude*

  89. TheGoldenSwitch 21


  90. Ghost Liberty

    "I don't want my [child] to have to grow up in a world where they have to be on guard for people trying to hurt them" Then don't have a child. It is just the case, irregardless of how we feel, that bad people are going to exist, and they are going to do bad things. I was burglarized the other week for some property in the garage which up until then, I had preferred to leave open when I was home. I don't want to have to lock up my garage because there will be thieves who feel like personal property and space is 'violable'. I don't want to have to worry about somebody violent letting themself into my house, seeing scissors on my kitchen counter, and stabbing me with them, but I still put the scissors a little more out of the way so an attacker has a little bit harder time and I have a little bit more perhaps, to react and try to save myself, yes mat pat, i am going to go here, 'with my gun', and in your case, to save others in the house as well. You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have, the facts of life.

  91. Minecrafter 3929

    No about them being pirates!!!! Because zombies are hostile towards villagers as well and their not villagers because villagers don’t build, explore or fight!!! These are lost humans like Steve!!!!

  92. Nick Nack

    If it was a drowned civilization then is there a monument but not any houses underwater?

  93. Daniel Lundblad

    I’m glad that so many people can see this so they can help create new laws that actually make sense

  94. david rivera

    Going go beg for your life in Spanish you Lucy?

  95. david rivera

    Do Duolingo

  96. The Woomy oof

    I didn’t get to donate :( sorry.

  97. Arcticwolf UwU

    " The only mobs that can life indefinantly on land " *COUGH* turtles *COUGH*

  98. Kadin Taylor

    But who made the treasure maps and how did they get the heart of the sea

  99. Nese Eren


  100. Sharlene LeGendre-Khan

    Make a New Channel in 2020