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  1. comkid

    They're brilliant. Absolutely brilliant in this drama. Fast paced and well written and with these two - it's just brilliant.

  2. Darlene

    where's reply 1997?!

  3. Sereyvathna Pin


  4. Mooi Jhoi

    I Like more Reply 1988 with best actors and Storyline 😍

  5. Rosa Lina

    I wish all doctors were Like them.....for real...

  6. Rosa Lina

    I miss this drama... So i keep watching at the beginning... Makes my day okey everyday.. In this pandemic day...

  7. April Rose Baniel

    Reply 1988 ..the best ❤

  8. Darlene

    I'm still angry about Chilbong (Reply 1994). 😤😢

  9. kate

    3:35 as the adults fight, maknae yeonseok is in his own world trying to draw his rat

  10. Sereyvathna Pin

    love how he stands up after that and greeds her father 🤣

  11. kate

    kyungho emits choi sooyoung energy even when he just breathes 💀

  12. Narkes Kushkinbayeva

    I still can't understand what he was thinking in the beginning sighing so hard...

  13. ain aqilah

    Bro, sad love story????????

  14. Niki V

    He went from sinbu to sinlang😂❤️

  15. Batool I.


  16. kate

    i can't tell if yeonseok watched exit for junseok or for yoona 💀💀💀

  17. 찌돌이2세

    정해인씨가 싫어요를 눌렀습니다.

  18. Is it worth it?

    Cheonha Taepyung is so handsome.

  19. Mermaid

    Ik Jun is the God of matchmaker

  20. chezka tejano

    i think there is something about the rain that have a meaning for Songhwa and Ikjun. i hope in season they will show more of Songhwa's pov in the past.

  21. a yasi


  22. milagros cutipa zavala

    I'll love this moment forever!!! ♥♥♥♥

  23. Is it worth it?

    I love how professional they both are. They bring chemistry together, yet no flirting. Amazing.

  24. Gbhemmy

    Even when I listen to the official OST sung by Jo Jung Suk, I still sing along to it how it’s sung in this video 😂 I prefer this version

  25. Armybomb TV

    Dong Hee has no merch or anything? Pls am deeply fan of him now🥺

  26. Shaira Reid

    Yawa swerte kay si ante uy. Hahahahahaha

  27. Ra a


  28. Natalia Bonatti

    First I thought he would only dry her tears, then he was about to give her a bless ?? and when I saw it going to a kiss I almost die 🥺

  29. Crush Of You

    Please make more video like this, with another writter-nim. I love this video and segmen

  30. David Mshana

    Jenga is real a swahili word and have the same meaning to what they are doing which is "build"

  31. Felicia Amanda Lim

    When shin hye said her memorable netflix show was walking dead. And she really cant watch zombies and she blocked her eyes and ears when she watched it.. But now in mid 2020, she's gonna play a role in zombie movie 😂😂😂

  32. 헬로누나helonoona

    i cry so much during this scene! its so beautiful. having your crush liking you back in return was so good right? and having him choosing you at the first place during your first close up. THIS SCENE JUST BEAUTIFUL. JUST.

  33. Cielo Lizeth Castillo Solorzano

    No se si alegrarme o llorar porque es algo que ellos nunca pudieron hacer

  34. Raima Goswami

    I don't know why I'm crying so much 😭💜💜💜

  35. Ayah Hazem

    This looks good.... If anyone has watched every single kdrama out there( or watched many) can yiu recommend me a really good one that has 20years old characters and not adults in 30s? Or high school but something special. I have only watched Extraordinary you kdrama and I really loved it, I watched the first episode of the king eternal monarch and I thought it was ok? Like not that interested. Have a good day!

  36. mary de Copiapó Chile Aravena

    Ese beso es muy creíble..que rico besa

  37. Rochelle Limjoco


  38. Alondra Ruiz

    If they were in highschool they would be the coolest and most badass couple 😍

  39. Mahnaz Rahman

    The way yoo yen plays Ahn Jung-won , can't believe he played go do mae also. Two characters are different from in so many ways.

  40. Sooyoung Legs

    I live eunchae here more than in the drama , Minho personality is charming it has nothing with all his roles , dohwan is lovely , go run most lovely , u guess kyungnam is shy 😀

  41. Ane

    Make space for me in the crying-out-of-happiness club

  42. RBB channel

    Wow movies

  43. Nessi

    I love everything about him. You did great Haneul 💖 Loveyouuu 💛

  44. rosewrosie

    Reply 1988 i love youuu

  45. Bebe diaz Encarnado

    smiling while watching this...hehehe

  46. Becca Lilifee

    the overused product placements really ruined the show for me

  47. It's quite memeful


  48. vickystar UwU :3

    The movie looks Good Se ve buena la película

  49. Syita Miladya

    "I like you, I'm sorry" When you tried so hard to be with someone that you love but they just turn their head and cross over you and you know for sure they don't want you in their life then you feel like to give up but you still feel something isn't right if you don't tell them how you feel. And there you are. Standing in front of the person that you love. Put all your corage and making your last move for end this one-sided-love-story. "I like you, I'm sorry"

  50. Melvi Chuquichambi

    Sun ho y jo jo

  51. Nur Husna Hasan

    Hospital Playlist is the best for me, need to re-watch it before the long 'holidays', work from home end soon 😅

  52. Rachel Sonnya Putri

    We want Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun Couch Talk, Play Ping Pong, doing ASMR, Compliment each other please... 😭😭😢😢😢 @theswoonnetflix

  53. Veronica Cecilia Rizzo Zambrano

    Cuando sale la segunda temporada.... No es justo.... Me encanta... Este dorama... Lo AMOOO

  54. Aldi Javier Arkhan

    Anyone remember play this song in audition ayodance? Hahaha, i miss that game in 2009 :(

  55. Vet Vech

    Please and please producers directors please please don't change the cast in S2 only them just them the actors in S1 even in S2 next year aaaaaaaaa can't really wait this drama is tooooo good Hats off to all

  56. Preema grace

    This is like Enthiran

  57. naeck nini

    can i ask something? is this can be considered as a 'love/sex scene'? 🤣 sorry my vulgar question i am just wondering...........

  58. Vet Vech

    The best part 🥰both play an awesome role my favorite couple as well 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤

  59. minimimgirl

    this is the epitome of SWOON

  60. Gary Antonio

    One million views and counting not bad.hahaha

  61. Chris tine

    Everything she wrote is just my top favorite dramas. I just love all of them.

    1. Nico Nico Ni

      @Chris tine watch this if u want see lee woo jeong writter make bet with kang hodong about recent drama hospital playlist idsel.info/video/video/k92XmaKNbH-3vWk.html but if u want see her clearly u can watch grandpa over flower when they travel at taiwan.

    2. Chris tine

      @Nico Nico Ni yeah, sorry my bad😅

    3. Nico Nico Ni

      the writer is female

  62. Afifah A

    My favorite writer all of time!!! I really enjoyed all her drama and variety show

  63. Gary Antonio

    Nakakatawa yong mga nag cocoment sa mga kdrama,pag di nyo gusto then you have the choice to leave 😂 😂 😂

  64. Rachel Sonnya Putri

    It looks like that Hae In have something for her. Who doesn't fall for Kim Go Eun?😂😍❤

  65. Vanny Julian


  66. She's Dreamin'

    this must have been really heart breaking for some one as sensitive as jeongwon to see one of his faviorate person go through emotional hell for him and him until that very moment had not done anything to ease her immense pain

  67. Kangmas Prabu

    Where can i buy the dimple like Nam Yoon Soo have? I mean...look at that dimple!

  68. brbr

    Crash Landing On You is the best I've ever seen. The way every single ep were so intense. IT NEVER GOT BORING! And the finale oh my god, that finale!!!!! Like, I have never loved a kdrama as much as this since Goblin and never thought anything could top Goblin, but I was wrong. CLOY>>>>>>>>>

  69. Sherah de Vera

    She's my favorite korean writer of all time. Making slice of life stories interesting must be challenging but she does it with ease. Love all of her work!

  70. rose qi

    he reminds me a little of Kim Rowoon ✨

  71. She's Dreamin'

    Given that YYS is an actor of versatile characters Dr. Ahn Jeongwon must have also been equally challenging cuz the way he had to showcase the right amounts of facial expressions of a confused man as he is not a man of words and how it should be in the right amounts so that the audience too are part of his dilemma. But now upon re-watching may be it's just me but it's all coming to light. Yea he was confused but mostly he was trying to suppress his feelings. Also the fact that I was watching HP and Mr. Sunshine together but it never bothered me that it's the same charecter living in 2 extreme roles really shows how good of an actor he is. Respect.


    Scream!!!!! Can't wait for season 2 ❤️ ❤️❤️

  73. Malisa Sour

    Idk why but I really love how lovely Kim go eun’s she’s cute:(

  74. Manahil Noureen

    I believeeeeee 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

  75. She's Dreamin'

    Everybody knows that YYS is an excellent actor but his eyes, they have a life of their own shows that he is a true born actor

  76. Wilavy Frangky


  77. Samprati Kulkarni

    All her writings also have a really bad second lead heartbreaks in them!!!

  78. Weibalajied Mawrie

    3:45 I'ts gonna be a sad ending EXPOSED😢😭

  79. Aigerim Ainabekova

    Finally, I've found a cast, where they have normal(I mean others chemistry behind the scenes seems uncomfortable or embarrassing) relationships behind the scenes 🎉

  80. Ignacio Muñoz Cornejo

    Like si viniste por Lulu99

  81. Wilavy Frangky

    What i love about this drama is, it doesn’t exaggerate anything like most “doctors” dramas where someone is super duper evil, and every surgery is super duper hard and the doctors almost killed their patients all the time, and how doctors usually super strict and annoying to their residents. I like it because it’s kinda realistic (like how SHIN PD other dramas usually are) where there’s no one in this life who’s 100% evil. And no annoying long staring contest and pauses between dialogues. I like this drama, it has lots of prison playbook casts cameos, and reply series cameos and resemblances. but sadly i must say that prison wise life (prison playbook) is better. Prison playbook brought more feelings.. I don’t think I cried as much as when i watched reply 1988 and prison playbook when I watched this drama. But, it’s still great and it doesn’t disappoint me after waiting for some months before watching it.

  82. 사천의경찰서

    인간수업 진짜 지독하다 지독해 진짜 다 본지가 언제인데 아직까지 맨날 찾아본다 하 진짜 이사람들 다 연기 너무잘해 나는 진짜 인간수업 못잃어 빨리 시즌2...제발 빨리 시즌2

  83. Beatrice Kadima

    🤣🤣🤣 Goodness that’s funny 😄

  84. rutuja ghanwat

    3:55 did she just say the king: eternal monarch is sad love story??????????????

  85. miss ina

    Can we have couch talk of kge and lmh 🥺

  86. Syaza Najwa

    I keep falling for lee je hoonㅠㅠ

  87. autumnseoul

    Love this scene... My heart skipped... So sweet of him... Simple yet so sweet!! 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  88. Min Jae Park

    Please make Jojo and Sun Oh end up together 😩💔 If not I may not be able to watch the ending of season 2 it will just hurt me so bad. 🥺

  89. Wilavy Frangky

    I got anxious because i waited too long for jeongwon’s closure and decision whether he’ll leave the hospital or not, and i was waiting for the whole episode to see them having meals together after that operation. 10 minutes left before the drama ended and i was like.. DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE ME HANGINGG!! (Therefore the anxiety came) and when she confessed i was like “OMG OMG WHAT’LL HAPPENN?!’” And then i cannot stop giggling when he touched her hair and he kissed her. At least i got this scene as closure for season 1. Because shin PD really left me hanging on others ending. None of them have proper ending yet, except these two.

  90. mai my

    The best writer. Hands down.

  91. athenas 12

    All of her variety show were great!!! Actually i feel in love with her variety show first

  92. Hanggita

    Nekkid? Nekkid on the block

  93. al drianarahma

    Lee min ho and Kim go eun too

  94. Sadia Kamal

    his smile is the reason for my love to him.love u min ho

  95. Remix Villa

    idsel.info/video/video/sametIpto6LF2oI.html Lee min ho Oppa's video

  96. Binibining Lyca

    my 100x watching this sceneeee

  97. Fellin Purnomo

    daebak ❤

  98. Meerab Zaidi

    Another wonderful writer!! ❤️❤️❤️

  99. sweetchicklips

    Having seen some of the writers work, I was preparing myself for a heartbreak, lol. Thank God it’s not them :) But I’m hoping all my couple would get a happy ending or at least be happy.

  100. K Drama

    제 채널 좋은 kdrama 비디오를 확인하십시오