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  1. Arjun Saha

    Everton is better than Chelsea 👍👍🕺🤹

  2. Jakub Dąbrowski

    Unnecessary, why don't you just keep on loosing...

  3. Young Sefu


  4. James Evans

    Hate this commentator

  5. T00THY 0RiFiCE

    6:01 I found Jose Mourinho's brother!!! (in the yellow)

  6. Abdirahman peacock

    Great assist from mane

  7. Jose Allan

    FANTASY MOORE . 1st january to come up with planning pemission and £550 million . or 22 days to get the money .

  8. Weak

    I love Everton. My favorite player is Davis. Because it ’s very very cool. It is my longing. One day I want to watch Davis play at Goodison Park. 次の試合も期待してます😆

  9. Weak

    Tears came out in the running of Iwobi😭 イウォビの走りに涙が出た😭

  10. Pipo Zizo

    Great design, too bad you'll probably be in the Championship by then.

  11. Craig Hewitt

    Still shite, still gonna struggle.

  12. Justo Ker

    Zouma assisted two goals

  13. Go ishaan GO


  14. Enzo Torres

    Do you consider Arteta was a underrated soccer player? 🤔🧐

  15. Archie Brown

    I need this after the news yesterday

  16. william holmes


  17. gg ff


  18. marwin taukechan

    lampard always drink when his team scored a goal, lol....

  19. toffeerules

    Can see the difference once you play with passions and without fear....

  20. jayeola nurudeen

    Another conte in EPL with celebration

  21. Jeroxvids

    1000 reasons man u cannot buy Richarlison.....He will prove he is better than rashford and martial*1000

  22. Ben

    Walcot looking like they gave a homeless man some kit and said, go on have a good game

  23. dean raynsford

    Looks the bollocks

  24. Last Shinobi

    3:52 can anyone explain to me what just happened with Lucas Digne's left foot???

    1. T00THY 0RiFiCE

      @Jl Lackey hahahah

    2. Jl Lackey

      Last Shinobi pinball wizard

  25. 1999999999 1


  26. Paul Rimmer

    If Dunc had stayed fit he could have been a real all time great. Such an effective footballer.

  27. Bijay Rana

    I am big fan of your Andre Gomez get well soon 💓💓

  28. David Success

    Congratulations Everton and also Chelsea

  29. Torsten Sigulsson

    Why did he bring Niasse on the bench 😂

  30. raunak dutta

    Didnt you get a message from Messi?

  31. Adam Done

    But fuming they haven’t shown all the crunching tackles

  32. Anthony D Blackmore

    Nice place to watch millionaires swan around for ninety minutes......

  33. behayilu tesfaye

    how zuma is bulshit

  34. marv knows best

    Chelsea keeper should have saved the second goal. That was a FIFA goal on ameture. A joke.

    1. Matthew De Allende

      It was a mistake by Zouma that led to the goal , Kepa made some really good saves in this game so cut him some slack

  35. keegan773

    Something to cheer about at last. Bit of pride restored.

  36. Tacio Rodrigues

    Flamengo 5 - Liverpool 0

  37. 'Rotayo Ogundana

    Duncan reminds of Conte. Lol

  38. Julius Sempijja38

    Defending was poorly totally

  39. Tammy Edafe

    DUNCAN FERGUSON! Such a great character... I love his passion for the game and the way he celebrates the goals reminds me of the old Mourinho, Klopp, Guardiola... He's gonna do a massive job for the Evertonians!

  40. Super Frank

    Easily 3pts gone . 😡😡😡

  41. LFC 4

    Liverpudlian here, you did okay Everton 😉

  42. iiCeD KiNgz

    Upload extended highlights like this not ones of us losing 5:2 against Liverpool

  43. collina referee

    9:37 song name pls <3

    1. collina referee

      @IE thnks <3

    2. IE

      "Go West". Duncan Ferguson tribute song.


    ArchieRKO Everton FG

  45. Big Smoke

    Im a spurs supporter but im so happy for everton, they deserve it.

    1. CJ01

      Super Frank better than you tbh

    2. Super Frank

      Banter fc

  46. w4k1- 70wn

    The Everton defence vs Liverpool: nothing.. The Everton defence vs united:🚌🚛🚛🚛🚐🚍🚌

  47. nieooj gotoy

    sack silva or everton will be regulatio

  48. Mohd Zafran


  49. cruvellier idel


  50. Sleeping Warrior

    This happens every five years or so....and nothing happens.

  51. SevenOfNine_2 -NNN-

    Love Tosun

  52. Vinod Nair

    Kerala blasters fan here. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  53. edo hihi

    Fake, it's not everton, it's barcelona 😁😁😁

  54. Dj Hepek

    Was that the ball boy ? FIFA 21 needs that celebration added next year forsure!

  55. Pip Pop

    빠른 쾌유를 바랍니다. !!

  56. Tony Brady

    Fancy manager's sometimes don't cut it YNWA big man

  57. SweeneyMan

    Utft 💙

  58. aku dewa

    semalam taruhan dimana? kalau mau cari bandar QQhokibola aja tersedia beragam pasaran dan pilihan

  59. MingWLee

    A much needed win, well done Everton! 👏👏 -a Liverpool fan-

  60. james

    Liverpool fan unfortunate injury hope u get well soon lad


    Thank you Everton -Tottenham

    1. CJ01

      Rakhun Bam u a Chelsea fan?

    2. Rakhun Bam

      What the Tottenham Tottenham 1-2 man united

    3. CJ01

      OZKORAPPA anytime, our pleasure


    Relegation battles would be like cup games here 😂🤣😂

  63. Uchiha Obito

    Keep spirit Everton Ynwa

  64. Endrit Bushati

    I hope they get it I believe the best league in the world deserves the best stadiums possible. Every premier league teams should have 60.000+ Capacity

  65. This Is Anfield

    Beighns return❤️

  66. Everton Parente

    This is a MANAGER!!! I'll delete MS from my memories! I'd like to never know that man was a Everton manager for 18 months!!

  67. Anime_Malay_Studios

    I hope someone Arab money rich buy Everton FC to have best player n coach like man city.. gud luck Everton to go top 4 later👍😊

  68. Lipp Lipp


  69. Erkan SE

    Liverpool is the best team in the world. I hope LFC win the Premier League. (I am a Barça Fan)

  70. Erkan SE

    Sadio Mane what a amazing player. One of the beste football player in the world. My favorite player in Liverpool. He is an Amazing guy.

  71. ramzey j

    Is gonna be the best stadium in England 👌👌👌

  72. D Licious

    Love the fact that Ducan reign started with a headed goal.

  73. Jacob Zlot

    This is the content we deserve :)

  74. Yol Brennan

    Dunc was immensely passionate on the pitch, what a player and warm human being! A rangers fan from Hong Kong.

  75. Facundo Tello

    Argentina's Evertonians love Ferguson

    1. dark mavid

      Ferguson loves you too

  76. Samual Abdu

    I'm here for this, a 10 minutes smile on my face.. UTFT..

  77. Petr chanel


  78. JC

    Well done agent zouma nice assist for dcl’s goal

  79. james


  80. Kars Efc


  81. Gonzalo Aleman

    My wife hates that I'm forcing her to name her first born son Duncan. Life is unfair sometimes.

    1. keegan773

      Gonzalo Aleman She's got nothing to complain about, now if you had a daughter...........


      Good lad

  82. Mark-Alex Morridian

    I think we've found our new manager! The fans love him, the players will play for him, he's got sense and is Everton through and through! Keep big Dunc! Keep our hero! 💙💙💙

    1. Ethan Lee

      @Mark-Alex Morridian hahaha, the same with man united( I'm a man united fan) , been dark for almost 6 years, these past 2 games gave us all hope for the future, but let's just pray we all continue this form we in hahaha

    2. Mark-Alex Morridian

      @Ethan Lee I know man 😂 but we've had so many dark days in the last few season it's just nice to feel positive for once haha! We'll see what happens but for now let's just get behind the team that's the main thing 😊👍 but for now I can dream 😂😂 UTFT

    3. Gorgeous George

      While you can ride high on adrenalin and effort for a match or 2, the future must be an experienced tactical manager.

  83. Phillip Watson

    Duncan Duncan Ferguson, Duncan Duncan Ferguson, Duncan Duncan Ferguson!!!


    *lotion ready*

    1. Pringy


  85. Jake Smith

    "Pick that one out Kepa"

    1. Matías Lnhrdt

      Kepa really sucks

    2. Mike Schaft

      Loved that 😂

  86. Thomas Rouland

    We just want to see this passion every game! COYB

  87. Akgrafixmedia

    1like 1 respect for richarlison!

  88. Bernie Mac

    Duncan’s Dogs of War

  89. Not The Bees

    COYB Let's keep it going now

  90. Toffee Mc

    I need a Tunnel Access this week!!

  91. Karl Court


  92. Steve Sidwell

    Fucking love u dunc

  93. James

    Again against United please, Big Dunc's at the wheel 💙

    1. Chris Sanders

      Somtoo Javier What about your weak defenders?

    2. Somtoo Javier

      @Joseph Timothy Salvador what's even sweet in supporting Everton ? 50 years no silverware

    3. Joseph Timothy Salvador

      @Somtoo Javier You never know. I've seen weirder things happen. Like us winning 4-0 against United last season.

    4. Somtoo Javier

      Your weak defenders can't handle james , Rashford and martial

  94. Jedi Andre


  95. JackHughes1878

    Utft 💙

  96. TheApexHound

    Lets gooooo. UTFT.

  97. Ace Assault


  98. luke jones

    BIG WIN, UTFT 🔵⚪️🔵