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  1. Kathleen Borromeo

    Why does beomgyu’s chest look so comfortable thoo 0:16

  2. alternateuniverse

    my soobinnie is so popular these days ;) <3

  3. Ali Nicole

    Sauna? Come to Philippines 🤣😂🤣 45degrees pala eh

  4. alternateuniverse


  5. IsaKpopAhre

    Yo aquí reviviendo los viejos tiempos :'), aunque ahora también ando super activa y viéndolos en todos lados :3 y así seguiré

  6. loving gliterclouduwu

    supers cute my bias

  7. Dear Tata

    Hueningkai said he wanna try white or pink for his hair, so which one moa ?

    1. Dear Tata


  8. 수학 자라

    5:40 왤케 수빈이 눈 빨개보이냐..

  9. 나만고양이없어

    범규님이 입은 체크바지 어디껀지 아시는분 없겠죠...... 하.... 너무예쁨데... 9천댓글 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  10. Tae Tae

    My​ boy​ is​ growingggg💕💕💕🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧

  11. Tae Tae

    Omg​ggg that​ body​ roll​ tho.. Im....

  12. Prιѕcιla Doмιngυez

    💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛MOA vote CAN'T YOU SEE ME for mnet 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  13. Nayeli G.O.

    Aww amo su amistad 💕 Aww I love their friendship 💕

  14. melanie owens

    IF TAEHYUN ISN'T THE SMARTEST DUDE I'VE EVER KNOWN,,,, imma start a RIOT in my kitchen

  15. ARIS M

    Shh!! More

  16. Hosoek's Smile

    IDC what anyone says Kai is THhhhiiiiIcccCkkkkK

  17. Dia Ha


  18. melanie owens

    jeez, I'm here for them till the very end 🥺💚💜

  19. Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ

    Lo amoo💕

  20. Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ

    Porque no está en un museo ?❤

  21. Vân Anh Vũ

    🤣🤣🤣 yeonjunie at the back omg 0:09

  22. Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ

    Es hermosooo❤😭

  23. Beom Shya

    Beomgyu v neck is so hot, is it just me?

  24. Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ

    Arte de persona ❤

  25. Moko Moko

    Tomato stains will be difficult to remove.. ㅠㅠㅠ

  26. Aᴠʀɪʟ Aʟғᴀʀᴏ

    Lo amo ❤

  27. melanie owens

    Yeonjun needs to STOP STEALING MY HEART. my gosh 😤💘

  28. 김채윤


  29. emily acosta

    Beomgyu te amo mucho, has hecho un buen trabajo junto con los chicos. ❤️

  30. ARIS M

    Taehyun love

  31. paola garza

    literal la cámara sigue a hueningkai

  32. song sang jin


  33. song sang jin


  34. Kim Kimchi

    Moas are so spoiled ㅋㅋ Taehyun is the definition of Talented King

  35. nurin amzah

    bighit really exposed the building

  36. 마크watermelowns

    i wae not ready about that thumbnail i-

  37. Alexis Wu

    I don’t know if I’m weird or not, but I luv Soobin’s half skirt- *Again, tell me if I’m weird*

  38. Hinata Hyuga


  39. ꧁Candela ꧂

    Yo nomas vengo a decir que amo a Tae los quiero a todos por igual pero mas a Tae, pero los quiero a todos

  40. Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi

    Notice how he changes from how angel would behave in the white outfit then how evil would behave in the black outfit like wow



  42. Nayeli G.O.

    TXT son lo más!!

  43. potato swagera

    TOMORROW X TOGETHER. Ay si estoy tan orgulloso de mis bebés, me alegra haberlos conocido desde su debut, son hermosos me encantan. ♡ Los amamos TXT ♡♡♡

  44. grayjintaewoo •

    yeonjun dying bc of jalapeño LMFAOOO soobins CHUBBY CHEEEKKKSS 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  45. jamallama

    oh my god it's so gooooooooood

  46. Chello Cheloo

    Idk... but Yeonjun with black tuxedo looks hot AF

  47. YeOut_ Cookie

    _He is not just an excellent dancer but also an exceptional performer! he knows how to keep up the needed vibe, his facial expression is on point, fluidity through his body screams 'it boy'_

  48. MiniMoni 7

    The house do be fire proof doe 😂

  49. sasaa hoi


  50. Briana Nava

    Beomgyu you never look ugly 😭

  51. Briana Nava

    I LOvE you TXT beom.

  52. Star Gazing

    My prince eric😍😍😍😍

  53. a ghost

    i got distracted by the grass stains on his knees and i blame my ocd

  54. MiniMoni 7

    1:12 He do be bouncing doe 😂😂

  55. Septika Nanda Arifia

    TXT SONGS MOSTLY ABOUT SOMETHING SAD BUT THEY BUILD THE MUSIC WITH A NON-SAD RHYTHM 😭 my friend laugh at me because i cried when i listened to TXT runaway ~ but seriously the lyrics so touchful

  56. Mia Parry-Close

    Me screaming: IT ISN'T IN MY BLOOOOOOD. Mum: Wow, she isn't listening to Kpop for once, that is amazing. Me: ........

  57. Johnny Joestar

    Probably my favorite choreography from TxT

  58. Beki Gjyzeli

    Soobin’s award for Beomgyu was more about himself 😂😂

  59. True Rival

    Guys, I'm so ready for a TXT concert. I wanna see them live so bad!

  60. nyny aleisaundreia

    My SooKai ship is sailing ..so cute~

  61. Júlia Soares

    É tão sincronia com o som que quando a música começo até tomei um susto

  62. El Esperanzado J Hope

    Nadie: Yo: cuanto mide la cintura de taehyun?? xd

  63. [한영은] Han Yeong Eun

    어머야 어머야 넘넘너무 잘 하는데 ㅠㅠ 💙💙💙 우리 애들이 짱, 우리 슈비니 너무 이쁘고 멋져 ♡

  64. gabriela quispe

    Soobin I love uuuu

  65. Jelly Panda

    My heart literally melts when he sings "promise it won't get broken, we'll never forget this moment yeah, we'll stay brand-new 'cause I'll love you, over and over again"

  66. Richul Azizah

    Orang orang pada kemana sih

  67. soobin's bread

    hueningkai stans how are we feeling-

    1. Sunshyne3640

      Love and Happiness...❤

    2. Star Gazing

      Umm cant breathe?!😂😂😂😂❤❤❤🐧

  68. Kitzia Valenzuela

    I will never understand this game

  69. Dana Nicole


  70. arri

    I feel so proud im crying

  71. Vitachaa Gallery

    수빈아아 사랑해💛

  72. Brooke M


  73. Xenia Osorio

    Chale, en 9 meses le cambió la cara radicalmente... que fuerte es el crecimiento en otros países

  74. Inacia Nery


  75. Clarize

    No but I really can't stop talking about his hair bouncing along with their dance 😭🥺

  76. r u t h

    may 2020?!!!!!!

  77. yesha kamal huening

    Fact: TXT are really talented... they can dance, they can sing, they can rap, but sometimes they are the living meme

  78. Anita Cárdenas

    like si amas a txt con tu vida 👇🏻

  79. Avril

    Salgo de uno de sus videos para ver otro de sus videos, en fin, los amo xd💕

    1. la pana

      X2 Xd

  80. Anita Cárdenas

    porfin yeonjun cambio de tenis😂

  81. Anita Cárdenas

    chicos vayamos de pantalon negro pero no le digan a yeonjun 😁

  82. Ghina Luthfiyyah Al-Hamaz

    Taehyun's perfect art!!

  83. Park Nyenye


  84. Oum Min

    The best dancers 😞💜

  85. Yahkat Nden

    2:08 you can't be doing this to people I nearly choked

  86. 두밧두연준럽

    춤 진짜 자연스럽게 잘 춘다ㅠㅠ 갠적으로 젤 좋아하는 춤선ㅠㅠ 사랑해여ㅠㅠ

  87. Soog Yu

    Mis bebés

  88. Tikka Winarti

    99,9% of legs :"

  89. Soog Yu

    Soobin es cute

  90. Holly Purplee

    Even most of choreography has story to tell and I think they are wearing a mask lol

  91. Soog Yu

    Mi bias

  92. Annisa Maradena


  93. soobin


  94. ben squad

    Soobin is more talented/better looking than me what the FRACKING heck

  95. soobin


  96. MA MO

    Kang taehyun the vocal king takes over the 4generation ...... Plus for the upcoming years .... yes go rule the world with this voice of yours .....

  97. Soog Yu


  98. Pink youkai97

    I could watch Yeonjun dance all day x> He’s seriously really talented💓🔥!

  99. Lulu Reyes

    I love you

  100. Lulu Reyes

    i love you 나는 당신을 모두 사랑합니다