What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. God

    The moral of the story is be white... I feel disgusted by people that discriminate. Thankfully I'm white

  2. BAYG

    Only FNAF fans get this reference when charlie pusses es puppet and is thinking about Afton: 2:59

  3. ck studios

    Why does billy look like ony plays

  4. Jude Aldmour

    I cried just watching this.

  5. Drawing with the Pink Jelly Bean

    4:19 ALLL MIIGGHHTTT! also this guys personality is just like mine. is he a Scorpio because i am and our personalities r like super close.

  6. jayden butt

    As an Australian, i can say. That is not a healthy amount of Vegemite to eat. I would never eat that, Vegemite is good on sandwiches, but when you eat it alone. It's just weird.

  7. Iraqi Animations

    HaHaha this scary story is not scary more than .... THE TANTAL !!!! >:D If you don't know who is that ....well it's better that you don't know Because you will be terrified for all your life ....>:3

  8. Family Critchfield

    when you tryde to jumpscare it didnt get me but nice try XD

  9. NintendoFan


  10. it's me me only

    adam:*refrence vegeta* his mom:noice

  11. Sanic 399

    Silverfishes kinda freak me out

  12. ThisDudeOnFire

    Big waves:*exists Adam:F### this s### I'm out

  13. Djfuzzygirl

    This song is cool I like it and it's funny

  14. Mateo Suárez

    Ortiz... are you latino? I am

  15. Jaybird238

    Me: *wait why am I watching markiplier oh wait it's just adam*

  16. Jashen Asuncion

    why didn't you say" fat chubby and ugly"

  17. strike motion

    Boi why did you put that scary face

  18. Amira Rutkowski


  19. LuckyKitty13

    The Article: www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2007/feb/02/usa.suzannegoldenberg

  20. demon gacha

    When your coffee table broke i was like Me:help oh elp

  21. Mr. J


  22. Deppresed Lunar


  23. Foxy the Pirate parrot

    Keep the videos going bro

  24. James Moore


  25. James Moore


  26. James Moore


  27. :x

    The ocean itself scares me...

  28. Paskip558


  29. Kevin Rivas


  30. •o• •o•

    it would be fecking hilarious if the creator commented on this video

  31. LilyAnn Mullins

    i had a group project before where the leader of the group fucking pushed me to the side and never EVER let me add anything to the project. so i was pissed for sure.

  32. Aki Uchiha2.0

    Billy sounds like a few characters I know IRL

  33. Lynn Johnson

    UR A FRICKEN MAN NOT A YOUNGSTER BOI Girls like meh:coment Boys like my bro:like

  34. Lans Emmanuel Flores

    I would say if any bananas where in my house they would be in my mouth

  35. Winter Tiger Draws

    "I'll pull down your underwear" *Proceeds to only pull down pants the entire video.*

  36. Alex_ Storys

    ADAM AUSTRALIANS DONT EAT VEGGEMITE OUT OF A SPOON!!! We get a knife end spread the veggemite onto toast!

  37. John Jones

    When the presumably Drunk and VERY HIGH man said "gAMe OVeR" he ment ur gonna die.

  38. Alma Alkhammash

    OML when I heard the knocking sound I thought it came from the window I checked it like 2 times then I realized it was coming from the video

  39. Ultimatenzo

    At first I thought it was actually markiplier

  40. law yi

    how about his father

  41. Logan V

    Happy late birthday hope you had a good one. 😑

  42. wildly rose

    You inspired me to be an animator

  43. Calvin Zhang

    3:40 Berd is there on the wall

  44. me melo

    Where is silver surfer???):

  45. Anisa Romanyuk

    I have fan art but how do you send it

  46. Kate Eberle

    "Just hanging out in the woods" Mhm just like kids do

  47. Wîérd Gîrl

    So kuya Adam, how's your day? What kuya mean: ku·ya /ˈko͞oyə/ (in the Philippines) an elder brother. "her kuya was out most of the time" used as a polite title or form of address for an older man.

  48. Job Christian Sean Cawilan

    so who is the youtuber he was asking about?

  49. Tommy Gun

    Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk Bananas and chocolate milk

  50. Jessica Pucci

    Hey daddy Adam!

    1. Wîérd Gîrl


    2. Jessica Pucci


  51. Fnaf Master420

    My sister peer pressured me to hit a juul and I did it

  52. Jodi Peterson

    *D O N T E A T T H E S A N D* - Adam 2018

  53. Jodi Peterson

    YEEE adam I also have ADHD.

  54. Job Christian Sean Cawilan

    i dont nkow why but its weird that i am geting weird when someone cheated someone by a back stabbing freind a man a more handsome man a gay person and a ..... nvm

  55. BeTa dip

    I literally still do this (I’m 10) just no princess and killing millions to even billions of warriors

  56. Rescue Animations

    RIP Coffee table

  57. Beserk Cheeto

    When did Eminem start doing collabs with IDselrs?


    He ate the Vegemite wrong spread it on toast not eat the whole tub

  59. Ronald Fischer

    I love pizza too 😍🍕

  60. Sans The Skeleton

    Adam I feel you bro, I like sharks, I friggin hate Orcas, my only fears are Scorpions(but I’m a friggin Scorpio ♏️) and Orcas

  61. Muhammad Shaheer Farhan

    I luv ur DAMN videos

  62. Muhammad Shaheer Farhan

    I luv ur DAMN videos

  63. Trinity Tirado

    I can vouch, muy mom used audible for our 12 hour car ride and it was amazing definitely worth it for people who don't like reading and prefer to listen

  64. Jodi Peterson

    Young Adam: W-what- Wait. Wa-wait we-were are my tele- (sees bananas) -t-tel-te Also young Adam: Who needs teletubbies when u got *bAnAnAs*

  65. Julianna Willson

    Is it actually true that you used to have a Halo and wings?

  66. Toaster Bathtub

    The ad on 5:04 was just in time

  67. Error Sans

    The bloop is cuthulh in my opinion

  68. Queen- Mi

    You don’t eat vegimite like that

  69. Artsy_ Astra

    anytime i would get bored in class, i would just sleep and then blame the teacher for giving me a headache when they wake me up. i would ask to go to the nurse .......i always came back 5 min b-4 class ends.

  70. gacha izzy

    Get some bread butter cheese apples bananas and then U can sort out dinner

  71. purple sky the newest student of UA

    Hey! Bakugo made curry and rice, come over if you want any!

  72. Itsme Crofty

    ugh everyone is saying CHOCOLATE milk, GUYS.. ITS CHOCKIE MILK FAM GET IT RIGHT +Chucks Chockie Milk+

  73. 100.000 subs without any videos Ye

    Oh thank god i thought i was the only kid who did that thank you so much for getting rid of my insecurity on this🤣

  74. YumiDeFabUnicorn

    Who’s that at the end?

  75. Evan Jun

    i wonder how common that pemdas is in schools.

  76. Xiaolong Wu

    It’s called VEGESHITE and I’m Australia Also I was weirder than you I thought zombie eat my poo in the toilet

  77. Paradiseu Wolf

    This deserve to be in a better youtube Rewind 2019!!!!

  78. Luna Gaming

    2 years late but this start was stolen from megamind

  79. นําชัย สืบสายอ่อน

    2:39 bad end frieds New 2019 : bad end mators

  80. epicboy90899

    It was actually mouth 6

  81. AidsMilk MC

    you know those books that you make in elementary school?

  82. WarriorCats4Life Ilovewarriorcats

    You ate bad quality Vegemite because of the shipping stuff and it looked quite hard to begin with, unlike normal Vegemite which is easy to spread. Also, you ate a SPOONFUL of it which makes it taste bad compared to the beauty of eating the Vegemite spread on bread or toast. Wow. Just. Wow.😑

  83. นําชัย สืบสายอ่อน

    4:12 well jumpscare... But my brain were too suck by now i mean i feel like being brainwash by my phone so when the jumpscare comes i was like 👁️👄👁️:Um.... (My brain: i am too much in jumpscare so... Meh this is suc)

  84. Kaden 1o1

    You don't use a bloody spoon it goes on bread

  85. Alantis Woo

    Ice cream sandwich is short like u. other people:OHhhHh SiCK bUrN (p.s ice cream sandwich is a youtuber)

  86. ya gurl Jada#gacha-panda des peeps

    God I was a weird kid pfft Hahah oh one time I like so I like yea like xD jk like I ate a bug and went up to my parents and was like mum dad I'm that animal that ate the bugs off lion king and my mum was like WHAT?!?!? my dad was just laughing u was so happy tho cause I thought is was cool but my mum reached in my mouth and grabbed most the bugs out TwT I was so stupid

  87. 1Part Gaming/1PG

    how dare u scare me gai boi

  88. peabodykid74

    Me: I dont like bannanas *child adam* Adam:NANI?!

  89. Alantis Woo


  90. Ashlynn The Turtleking Runnels

    Your such a good singer and really good at playing the guitar

  91. Jona Khargharia

    Play pubg pc lite

  92. Anonymous

    No joke when I was in the 3rd grade no joke I used to eat small bits of paper tasted like nothing but I had too drink water after I do it all my classmates were weirded out lmao yes I’m weird I’m in middle school now

  93. Toxic Cinnamon

    5:30 Bruh u definitely a bnha fab That’s todoroki

  94. Sonny Bowcock


  95. Toxic Cinnamon

    The scariest thing in this video is the spelling mistakes

  96. zach_plays RBG

    What is 69?

  97. Killidakaos 22

    4:43 the thing ends like .......???!?!?!

  98. Alwan Johari

    wtf jump scare

  99. EthanBits 10

    I was always also bullied when I was a kid and those pieces of sheep got what they deserved a frickin' fist to the face

  100. Samuel Guy

    Adam loves his choccy milk