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  1. Exo Fangirl


  2. Exo Fangirl


  3. Happy Virus

    Exo-l fanchant during Exo stage:cool... Exo-l fanchant during X-EXO stage:so so cool......

  4. Hiền Vũ

    He's so fu***** handsome TT


    I love you

  6. Айсара Заманхан

    Как люди умудряются ставить дизлайк? Не нравится, приходи мимо!!

  7. 송채린

    개멋잇당 ㅠ

  8. Erika Afrilda

    Oppa beakhyun dan sehun sekali percobaan langsung bisa 😋😋😋 tp pas lihat chanyeol ,kai dan chen oppa jadi pengen ketawa ini cobaan kalau melihat tingkah mereka😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. intan hermawati


  10. モモレン


  11. 서현


  12. Isyanty Key10

    Aziqqq kai lgi alimm😍

  13. syikin syiky

    I miss Minseok and Kyungsoo 😭😭😭

  14. Chentastic

    His body proportion though...

  15. Chentastic

    Really? You call this live? Really??

  16. Chentastic

    2:55~ 3:01 lucky microphone

  17. Edi Rumanto

    D.O mana D.O?🙂

  18. Haneul Hana

    Saranghae baekhyun 😍

  19. Chentastic

    Something about that outfit... makes Chen looks long...! 👍

  20. Oh Najla

    Me when sing this song "I want you I want you want you I want you I want you want you" "Nananannananana i don't think so nananannananana I don't think so nananannananana I don't think so nananannananana i don't think so" Ok bye.

  21. آي طُوونت ثنق سوو

    مدري فخامة اكسو أو الرقص أو الاصوات أو الأشكال أو المسرح خلاص خلاص أنا تعبت باي 💔💔💔💔💔

  22. آي طُوونت ثنق سوو

    بنات اجسامهم بمووووت 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  23. آي طُوونت ثنق سوو

    اصلا عادي🐸🐸🐸🌚💔🙂مامتت

  24. 화이트문 (White Moon)

    이번 컨셉 미쳤다...진짜 넋놓고 보게되네

  25. 큥냥

    아웅 귀여워

  26. Millie Cashman

    Jongdae acting cute... To Jongdae flexing vocals and causing my death

  27. Queen Bee

    Baekhyun i love you and this song hihihi

  28. Laura Romero

    EXO: The ONE and ONLY. They're THE BEST of THE BEST. I'm SO PROUD to be an EXO's follower, because they're BETTER everyday. Thank you EXO's boys for your WONDERFUL work.

  29. Sok Chhang

    So Cool EXO 💛💛💙

  30. Salkha Bakhurais

    god damn they are so cool , I can't stop watching the video of course no one can replace EXO for the best, only EXO the best boyband ever.

  31. Oliveira gonçalves

    Exo exo exo

  32. Tatiana Patiño

    Me: Chanyeol is my bias Sehun: I don't think so

  33. PoppinStarjunie

    And we never got love shot dance practice..

  34. hate sm but is sm trash


  35. Jeff Corey

    I thought Kai was a rapper lmao I'm tweakin

  36. Quillen Aylen Martin Deffeuller

    Son tan tiernooooooos por diooos!!!! ^3^ ♡.♡

  37. Ople Ople

    What a great voice CHEN has !!””

  38. Filipa Antunes

    God is there any chance a guy like Suho would exist in my hometown?! GOD: Girl please... 😅

  39. Joreina Karolyn

    EXO: Keep streaming our MV to get the dance practice! Another EXO-L: Streams Obsession Me: *keep streaming exo log but not the mv* idk why this make me laugh. Who's with me?

  40. mekuto kika


  41. nesh Viana


  42. Aleeya Roslan

    When you just can’t choose to watch which one....... Just combine them

  43. Aleeya Roslan

    Today is the exploration 5# day.....and i just standing in fron of this stadium not getting in cuz i dont have the ticket amd just stare at the stadium and thought...... “ exo is so close... but I can’t 😭” (*life sucks*)

  44. Cherlien Noor

    Love you

  45. Cherlien Noor


  46. 南雲Haruya

    As an exo fan from when their very first single + album came out, they've grown so much. From being overmanaged and barely showing their true selves, to being so real and free in front of the camera. I'm proud.

  47. Aprilia Nurul

    Bahkan "eh" nya aja persis sama yg d cd. How can??!!😍😍😭😭😭

  48. Shandi Caayohan

    What a performance!!👏👏👏 I love you EXO!!🤧🤧❤❤

  49. Maria

    the friking credits 😂

  50. Nuriko katsuki

    I like suho's red hair, it really suits him !

  51. ILikeCereal

    His lips touch the mic and I can't help but cringe a little. The bacteria.

  52. ALCIDES Lopes

    Everybody: talking about bias Me: oh my God, Kai is so hot with these black pants

  53. Maks Nikolaev

    Интересно кто это всё записывает сначала, трейни?

  54. Maks Nikolaev

    В записи поют не они же

  55. Noémi Tóth

    #Chanbaek# They're everything! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍

  56. Monika G

    Chen hitting those notes like it's his breakfast 😂

  57. Amanda Michelle

    *tHE cReDiTS I cANT*

  58. Ayanna Lávinia

    Almost got Chan and Baek mixed up but I noticed how much of a smol bean Baekhyun really is.

  59. Atlanta Gogoi

    Suho and the camera

  60. alystaetic _

    me : my bias is baekhyun. also me : " i dont think so "

  61. Douaa dyler


  62. yejitzy

    chen really be doing that to me.


    😕😕😏😏👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎exo ✖✖✖BTS✔✔✔✔✔. 🔥🔥🔥🔥:-*

  64. futy Cuyoy

    They finally started using this channel more and remembered it exist >:((

  65. 단호박

    헉.. 천인줄알았는데 살이라니... 추운데 배시려우면 배탈나요..........

  66. carlier sunan

    So happy to see them like this <3

  67. Moon Queen

    They are like no other, too original and too professional.

  68. Bzouna cute

    F. Ruaaaa many sweet🌹🌹😍

  69. Erika Afrilda

    Chanyeol oppa voice😂😂😂

  70. Nhia Jasmin

    Kaki mu terlalu panjang mas nyeol ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  71. ᄉᄉᄅ

    티케팅 광탈한 나는 이거라도 봐야해

  72. Muzamil Ahmed

    Where is d.I ??

  73. We arecone

    Kings are back

  74. We arecone

    Exo Is the best

  75. أوراق الخريف


  76. أوراق الخريف

    I love you baekhyun, 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  77. Aurell Titania


  78. Aurell Titania


  79. GaLaXy99

    Suho at the beginning :😏 ME : mum i'm on the highway to hell

  80. Tina Meirawati

    Love you EXO

  81. nina wikie

    I love I love

  82. Riska Oktavia

    PLEASE release the dance practice video asap

  83. Dwiajeng Safitri

    Subtitle nya gak keluar ya

  84. Moana Del mundo

    My gahhhddd chanyeol😍

  85. 블리 블리

    와 준면이 팔근육뭐냐ㅜ진짜 개빡친다 완전멋져

  86. Aung Thurein

    Congrats for 4th win on Music Bank today. Let's support to win more awards for kings EXO. Str3am harder Obsession on every music platforms. Fighting EXO.L .

  87. Jamie D

    Did X-EXO made the credits hahaha

  88. Chantsa Rud

    Angel voice 🧚💞💞💞💞💞

  89. Aung Thurein

    Congrats for 4th win on Music Bank today. Let's support to win more awards for kings EXO. Str3am harder Obsession on every music platforms. Fighting EXO.L .

  90. Aung Thurein

    Congrats for 4th win on Music Bank today. Let's support to win more awards for kings EXO. Str3am harder Obsession on every music platforms. Fighting EXO.L .

  91. Yaretzi Chanyeol


  92. Lisset Claudia

    plis gurunya lawak banget

  93. 이유빈

    X-exo가 뭐예요?

  94. Moza Maharani


  95. Rina Kurnia Rf

    Keren👍👍👍 Sayang banget sama kalian 💙

  96. kyungsoo124

    Suho looks like a parent who's letting his children to play all they want, silently looking out for them until one of them get hurt and ready to give his long speech advices lol

  97. kaka nana

    Merinding.... Rasanya ingin menjadi bagian dari mereka. 😭😭 Iriii....~

  98. Heather.K Pevensie

    7:14 ~ the credits lol SO CUTEEEEEEE