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  1. kyoongbaekie

    every time he smiles like that 😭😭

  2. i don't know u don't know?

    Tha stage ini dia ngelakuin berapa take sih kyk bnyk bgt versinya

  3. Michelle Cho


  4. i don't know u don't know?

    Got me felling like pop rocks, strawberry, buble gum

  5. i don't know u don't know?


  6. Nika Akbari

    Damn those moves doe

  7. i don't know u don't know?


  8. Nimansa Bandara

    He dancing with his eyes

  9. Lacy

    Baekhyun needs a more outstanding outfit and choreo and better camera work that showcases him...the female dancer in yellow stands out more than baekhyun 😅

  10. Indah Chairunnisa


  11. kyoongbaekie

    this is so cute fdajk

  12. Angel_firelight Sy

    It would be my ult happiness if I will be admitted as one of Baekhyun's personal staff, even just to hold that handy fan for him after every practice or whatever just to be with him or near him...lol.

  13. citrus clementine

    baekhyun staring at me me: i couldn’t even look at him directly lol i feel shy yiee

  14. sarocha06


  15. kyoongbaekie

    this is the most precious thing 🥺🥺

  16. Ryu Sinclair

    'GENIUS IDOL' Baekhyun!!!

  17. reina lim

    imagine being Chen's daughter, my dad is so hot 😍😂 he still dance and sing so well when im in my mom tummy 😍

  18. hemamayi malempati

    I am still waiting for the sensual version! What do you say fellow EXO-Ls?😏😏

  19. Ryu Sinclair

    Baekhyun's smile is everything!!!

  20. Kyungsoo's military wife

    Baek: "Someone as picky as you will be addicted to me" Me: as if i wasn't addicted to him already -_-

  21. thaicaldas

    I don't understand it but I love it

  22. Meli martinez

    Awesome !! He deserves the best of the best he is so talented and humble, I love him. He has a beautiful personality BAEKHYUNEE is dancing with his back up dancers as if all are really close friends just enjoying dance is amazing !! Not to mention that His performance is outstanding :3 seeing him is so peaceful; I have been with a big smile since I played the video.

  23. yogesh chauhan

    Bohot mahnat ki h Baekhyun h I salute him💖💖

  24. Robloxianasxd


  25. Thanoosh Amirthanathar

    From bacon to candy :)

  26. aziza

    I miss you❤️

  27. Kyungsoo's military wife

    I'm inlove with the song as well as the choreo

  28. Fantasy Reality

    who's panic guy gay ? lol We are One ...

  29. Fatima Hamouli

    Nowdays, kpop has fans around the world so they should add English subtitles to their vedios ! I'm not a kpop fan but I'm addicted to R&B songs so candy is my type I like it 👏

  30. Intan Nuroktaviani

    Shindong is the director, he is so great job Proud to be elf and exol

  31. 챼슬% [eight / Delight]

    아 변백현 겁나 사랑해♥️♥️

  32. Angeli G

    baekhyunee you literally are a candy

  33. J R

    great video, thank you for sharing <3

  34. Asti Fatimah

    40 antis datang buat D15L1ke padahal nonton juga sampe beres:)

  35. Joanne Mabbalud


  36. Sintia Alifah

    He is so cute OMG 😭

  37. Ivy EG

    Más la escucho más me gusta 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🎶🎶🎶💞💞💞

  38. Dani

    Baekhyun is nominated this week for Show Champion. If you guys have the Idol Champ app, you can vote for him there!

  39. It'sMeRita AJ

    Oh God 😍

  40. Quésia Novais

    Baekhyuniee ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Byun Baekhyun


  42. Yoon Pera

    Miss them. We r one

  43. Esiraiyse rise


    1. Esiraiyse rise


  44. amil batang

    Speak English please lahhh:(

  45. snakerfly yeay

    So, this is how it feels when Baekhyun stares at that girl in 'Girl, I'm your candy' part.

  46. Yohana Maharani

    Miss our leader, everyone we need talk about sweet voice suho omg I play this song very often, sorry abt my eng so bad, but I want to tell suho it's the best leader and multitalented human. See u on 2022(?) stay safe leader! Hurry up back

  47. Indah Sari

    Baekhyun cakep bnr😍😍😍😍

  48. Jan Bb

    I love 💓 his small eye 👁 with cute face

  49. Katya Rivera

    Buen trabajo baekhyun😍❤

  50. snakerfly yeay

    There's so many version but I won't complain.

  51. TheMidnightThief

    Shindong calling him handsome and smiling while monitoring is such a mood.

  52. Judy Ann Lucban

    O:15 Those smiles. ackkkkkkkkk

  53. mvrtaxa

    I feel like the SM artist The Stage os way better than most music show stages.

  54. elle

    "How many versions of candy do you want?" SM: YES

  55. ana carolina

    I love the live version of this album, bc the rock setting its stronger in a live instrumental set, also suho's vocals are amazing live.

  56. Diaaniq june

    Baekhyun's Visual is not joke

  57. Isaac Magos


  58. It's Senorita Shaina


  59. Luz Estrella Ramón De la Cruz

    Nuestro querido Baekhyun como siempre sorprendiéndonos con algo nuevo. Me encanto, es maravilloso su nuevo álbum. Mucho exito siempre 👌❤

  60. Aspyn JM

    몽룡이 닮았어...

  61. Jun Cotton


  62. Diaaniq june

    Baekhyun have 3 version of his album. and i think i want to have all, but the honey is another version of cuteness. i can't

  63. Erina Susanti

    Baekhyun saranghae

  64. Nico Robin

    Am I the only who was interested in the male background dancer in a green sweatshirt, like his facial expressions were so entertaining and he was so good at performing

  65. L KJ

    Fighting byun baekhyun

  66. miratul jannah

    baekhyunie you are so cute

  67. Ghisella novia Putry


  68. Ratna Widi

    Baekhyun : Chemistry Me : aku Chemistry padamu

  69. Nan Nan

    Made in you, my fav song :)

  70. Nur Alfin Azizah

    Please give us (international fans) subtitle

  71. Eden Zel Pasahol

    Wooowww they feed us so many contents thank you Baekhyun Oppa 3:17 I don't know what to call that "is it second voice or ad-lib " but that was really pleasant to hear

  72. Mohd fairizal Bin othman

    This is my firt time hear baekhyun song. Its amazing

    1. exo baekhyun

      Thanks <3

  73. 그선

    백 현 아!!

  74. Biin Nabil

    I like this song 😘😘😘😘

  75. Francis Vallespin


  76. Jlna _myeoni

    Ga tahan aku tuhhh

  77. Annabel Lee

    Another ver Big yesss

  78. Eden Zel Pasahol

    Am I only the one who keep staring at the dancers and not to Baekhyun? Waaaahhh they are really good they caught my eye I feel like I'm cheating to Blenheim hahaha Oops I'm sorry and love you hahaha

  79. 홍석호

    남자가봐도 개멋있네 ㅋㅋㅋ 이거야말로 노래 춤 외모 다 하는 사기잖아 퓨ㅠ

  80. Love Nala

    Does anyone know the name of the guy in the green shirt? He sort of reminds me of Eddie 😁 He looks so much like Eddie xD

    1. exo baekhyun

      I think his name is Yumeki? Something like that.

  81. ANS


  82. 시은'

    39:25 키차이봐 개설래애ㅐㅐ

  83. Nayara HM

    Ver su sonrisa me alegra el día

  84. Jas Omar


  85. Love Nala

    What is the name of his dance partner? The girl with the pink cardigan/jacket? (My native language is not English so please pardon me for that)

  86. kuro kyoong

  87. Rania NR

    Candy candy

  88. Malika tae tae

    @Baekhyun 🍬🍭💜💜👑

  89. Rania NR

    Baekhyun with undercut hair is akshsgfahajak

  90. Fer Toriz

    Los amooo

  91. Fer Toriz

    He really loved them, I didn't know them, but I knew them through my friend and I thank him for meeting such beautiful and cool people like you.

  92. Rania NR

    Baekhyunee you're so cuteee

  93. Bai Fan

    Yeayyy can see the dancers clearly now ^ ^

  94. J.R Motion

    Esas zapatillla lo hacen parecer ma alto, se ve super guapo

  95. Iam Insssaf

    You are doing so well ugh so proud of this babyyyy 🍬🍭

  96. Mobina C


  97. Shie LA

    The guy with the green shirt and white shirts makes me want to dance. Haha!

  98. Vitrilia Noona


  99. Cimut Mong

    I'm seriously ask, he don't promotion at music show(?)

  100. rifki fauziah

    miss you