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  1. Joseph Canova

    Going through all old fight companions during 2020 quarantine. Still the better than half the shit on IDsel

  2. Danny Burke

    Elon is a good dude.

  3. Ruben Arevalo

    Hey guys I need an opinion I got called a racist because it's not black lives atter its all lives matter and as a Hispanic dide I was disgusted by there actions. What's your opinion

  4. Mom's Basement

    Joe thinks there should be a statute of limitation on being an asshole.

  5. Choco Later

    When Elon Musk pauses and thinks, he actually communicates with AI.

  6. Zane W

    great guest. wish he didn't interrupt Joe's questions so quickly.

  7. Ron NJ Mo

    19:51 . You're welcome

  8. Synzt

    Joe needs to get bald and bankrupt on this show. that would be so fucking fun

  9. Rock Blaze

    Isn't this the same Iliza from that dating show called "Excused"?

  10. Niall Ormond

    Producers of the show should be giving Jordan more money now , because he's such an interesting character and genuine nice person and going on this podcast the show is almost guaranteed to pick up even more viewers

  11. Konstantine Mitsel

    I love you joe. Just relax Jesus. But I really love you and agree with anything you’re about to say. Boring ass interview

  12. Issa Knife

    10,000 people clearly didn’t listen to this podcast.

  13. Petrol-Dollar

    MPD doesn’t teach or recommend the (knee on neck technique) however they do teach (knee on shoulder blades technique) for violent suspects. Which the suspect wasn’t, imagine placing a 180lb+/- dumbbell on your neck for 9 minutes while cuffed, then you’ll have an idea of what the victim suffered in his last moments.....

  14. Jay Garcia

    this guy looks high a'f

  15. Kyle Manning

    Tim pool fuckin rekt them total scorched earth. Why isnt this more popular?

  16. TheJasonmoretti

    His name sounds like a cigarette manufacturer...smoke Hamilton Morris you’ll trip the fuk out😂

  17. Kat Magley

    this is the stuff rogan. the no one is a loner thing hit, now fan of Jesus , the bean one<3

  18. inovaG

    Lmfao Joe looked like Magneto when he put the headgear on

  19. Rogue Organix

    if you are old enough to die for your country you should be old enough to decide what you put into your body... nuff said... fuck off with your drug laws... legalize it all...

  20. Bradley Denno

  21. Petrol-Dollar

    So one man’s tragic murder is another man’s free tv apparently.......

  22. Beaux Bowden

    Watching that dude hold 3 snakes at the same time INSANE.

  23. Helix Films

    Joe BIG PAUSE Rogan

  24. Evan Duncan

    i love how they wear costumes together

  25. David Bryant

    I forgive you over the dog thing Jimmy. Love you.

    1. David Bryant

      You need to tell people that the political elite are inciting riots to cover up for pedophilia and the sex tapes. The easiest way to do that is the same way the stole the election.

  26. Prod. By Premium

    How they flipped the conversation is crazy

  27. Petrol-Dollar

    “Jamie! Pull up my account balance!”

  28. peter maiers

    100% but GUESS what its not in white schools either SOOO where everything starts is in the HOME better Parents + school = better communities

  29. Derek Greene

    Oh so so were all crazy,now, SOLD

  30. Jeff Cheesman

    Great video!

  31. Alexander

    Joe did a LOT of talking. You should let your gest speak more and ask them more questions and leave your conspiracy theories, drugs, elon musk aside.

  32. Aaron Leet

    Probably my favorite episode. I could listen to Dr. Cornel West all day

  33. Jon tom

    This podcast has melted my brain.

  34. ch3xmix

    Joe and this guy had such good chemistry. Lots of laugh. Really enjoyable to listen to

  35. James West

    A lot of these theories that tell us that the strongest and biggest animals that are filled with testosterone are the ones that will get to reproduce are bunk. I've witnessed 3 point, (that's 6 points,) black-tailed deer fighting some terrible fights while a much larger buck, (with 4 points on each side,) standing next to a receptive doe were just watching the fight, while a very young buck with almost no antlers, (with 1 and a half points on each side,) mounted the doe several times with absolutely no interference from the other much for that theory. The doe hardly noticed.

  36. Zakee Ahmad

    Wait I swear he went exclusive on Spotify tf

  37. Gallowglass

    16:51 "You do have to wear cologne. You're way too cute to not wear cologne." Bob Barker said real men don't wear cologne. 18:10 Remember folks, all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  38. Serg

    "I haven't used Z in a along time" that fucking killed me🤣

  39. lauserz

    I never really knew who Jesus was but from this podcast I like him a lot... thx joe!!

  40. vin far

    Good to see Rogan, Rock and Chappelle out in the middle of protests. Oh that wasn't them? That was Arianna Grande. Well after everything calms down I'm sure they'll come up with one of those 'things you can't say' comedy specials to show how brave they are and make millions off it. Meanwhile Arianna Grande is getting tear gassed.

  41. Veronica Leigh

    Primo! I’m a Trejo. LOL.

  42. ADK Rella

    Sitting here watching corona opening protests and police gathering to stop other protests, wondering when our “nice” shift is happening....Fingers crossed.

  43. Laz Toth

    Joe congratulations on your new deal with Spotify You work hard you deserve!! It Keep up the good work 👍👍

  44. T V

    Thanks Joe.. I can't wait to hear the rest.. plus congrats on the other

  45. Major Seven

    There is a giant ball of quartz in the Sahara desert. It's 900 feet in diameter.

  46. DonovanShouse

    duuude!! is it just me or is elon rocking a space balls"ludacris speed!!" tshirt

  47. Gavnasty 00

    Joe you need to talk about the hacking group anonymous exposing Epstein and Trump on sex trafficking charges and the receipts show the millions of dollars he paid to keep people quiet

  48. Robert Begley

    High pitched sound waves might help accelerate the electron transfer in light wave, help photosynthesis. Co2 definitely helps. The vibration might help water uptake in xylem and phloem, or trigger responses in the plant to grow roots and strengthen the stem.

  49. Kerry Grimshaw

    Hey Joe, where's the evidence that Putin is a bad guy? I mean clear evidence not hearsay? Typical Yankee anti commie BS!

  50. tiny dancer

    I think he's backing away slowly and quietly as nobody will notice and as soon as the coast is clear, he makes a run for it.

  51. Major Seven

    I can confirm you are not alone and there is no God. We are your God!

  52. Murad Alibayli

    Funniest part of the podcast was Jamies fart joke 1:18:08

  53. N A

    I know, that’s just brutal

  54. anony mous

    Wow for a black belt under Machado and Eddie Bravo, Joe doesn't know much about BJJ at all 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Thulani Bukani

    I hope SpaceX strapped the Falcon 9 with a GoPro just for Eddie Bravo

  56. Jonathan Emerling

    Fuck I miss Adam Eget.

  57. Laz Toth

    TONY HAWK, Is a very cool guy took my nephew to a skateboard show at. Universal City Walk. I remember because I was carrying him on my shoulder's. I'm disabled in a wheelchair anyway Tony Walking around with his kid and we bumped into each other. I thought O-shit I broke his ankle and he thought he hurt me. 🤣🤣 LOL long story short. He signed my nephew's board and made his day... A great guy...

  58. Aaron Corkery

    The man shouldn't have died. But Black lives matter is a hate group. The fact that people of all races are supporting the BLM "movement" is disheartening.

  59. Ruben Mosqueira

    Recently, in my country (Mexico) they have discover fossils corresponding to a Mammoth, it was in a building zone actually haha.

  60. Quacker Snail


  61. Cnd11211 758

    Wow...the equipment discussion was awesome! This is real MMA equipment!

  62. TheLouisianan

    Colion sounds too much like couillon which means idiot around here haha. Still a cool guy though.

  63. Callum Murry

    One of the best episodes !

  64. alex munoz

    People also don’t realize this was one of tai Lopez’s mentors

  65. boopiloopi

    yea fight the robot/a.i. with a riddle or maby a moral quandary?..

  66. Bip 300

    this was such a great segment...and his story from the beginning...he makes it sound so easy (its not)...for those who haven't been through even light version of this, go out with Jordan for a week and you will be a new person...

  67. Tom Seer

    Yeah I haven't had a cup of coffee in my life either and from the looks of it I'm not missing much. Wiki Mike good luck to you no matter which way you go with the boxing career you've already proved Who You Are you ain't got to prove anything to this world just love yourself

  68. Matthew Afshin

    Joe: This is crazy.... Wait five years Joe.

  69. LeDeskripshun

    What a great find. No wonder he won.

  70. Joey Klein

    In a lil bit want to start seasoning the meat please

  71. RJ Quinn


  72. Derek Greene

    So if there was millions donasores how come yous aren't pulling hmmmmm, let's say one a year out of the ground its always one small part that you know exactly what at it is and were it goes on the new find ???? You look and talk like a child, stop interrupting him,hes smarter than you on the broader scheme of things, thank you !!!!! And of course you cant nan any of the ones your working on !!

  73. James West

    With humans, when one guy on a job gets a raise, the other humans try to make him or her look bad and complain about him getting more but they will not ask for a raise. If asked why they don't try to get a raise they admit that they are afraid of losing their jobs. So it is safer to attack a peer than to compete by working harder and asking for a raise. Much easier to lie.

  74. Purple Strike

    I didn't think I'd actually watch the whole video but i did.

  75. Ken Personal

    Apoprotein E deficiency , a cholesterol, is a cause of late onset Alzheimer disease. The meat is poisoned as a preservative by marbling it, so it is a catch 22. Got to take the knee off the neck. Meat marblers are the biggest killers of human beings on planet earth. Alienate that

  76. Isaiah Snarr


  77. Cloudy Commentary

    Im re-listening to this on May 31st, 2020.

  78. Timothy Platt

    Wow wow wow... hold up on everyone calling Adam Egret a Holocaust denier, first of all... he had a bar mitzvah! He's half Jewish, half self hating Jew, but let's not split hairs here, gives one helluva handjob tho

  79. Ken Personal

    Keto is a complex chemistry state of the body. May people die when they go in keto. The safest way to be alive is sugar so the body never goes in to keto. Keto is starving any way. Many people can not handle starvation. Yeah can kill all people that have to eat. Passed the development stage dont have to eat, all infants are parsitic, not all adults are but it extends genetic damage survival and increases chance survival of infants but also creases it due getting that configuration. There is breatherns, sooner or later will make a super human. Because people think eating vegetable is not parsitic .. it is. There is life forms that are so perfect they dont need medicine and food is medicine, most of it comes out as shit, we need about one millionth of it but complexity of what we need is diverse from one person to the next

  80. cmanasco2

    In Gaithersburg, young parents put peanut butter on a child's nose in the stroller so they could take a picture of their child with a BEAR!!! Google it! Store owner there told us!! Parents arrested; child was put in state custody.

  81. Elijah Brown

    You should get Martin Cabello on

  82. John Pelfrey

    Don’t buy his shit it’s shit junk

  83. Tomas Chavez

    What's the name

  84. Miguel Avellaneda

    Some kurds where killed... They where fighting and diying for your freedom, then US asks why ppl want to attack them... What will YOU do, if the ones thst youre fighting for turn yoi down amd let you die?

  85. Christian Jespersen

    I almost skipped this episode, so glad I didn’t.

  86. C M

    Sirhan Sirhan was an MK Ultra assassin.

  87. Chris E

    Yea Joe, dieting, exercising, and vit c drips strengthen your immune system. I heard you the first 100000000 times. Then stop swabbing your guests and tell them to do that instead.

  88. LRA 15

    Joe Rogan is just tryna get adam to say joe or someone "athletic" is alpha

  89. Charles Darwin

    Studies on rats and pigs in comparision to the human digestive tract, what a load of wank. Rats and pigs have the same digestive abilities as dogs so why even bother with any consideration to begin with? Meaning of Review: to think or talk about something again, in order to make changes to it or to make a decision about it: It's a review not irrefutable unbias factural evidence. Seems more like grasping at straws, no game changing going on here. "SORRY" FACT: creatine and taurine are Amino Acids that can only be found naturaly in vertebrates. I suppose synthetic laboratory concoctions are classified as vegan?

  90. Adam Masse

    Damn.. Bret Weinstein is super chill!

  91. Dylan Lev

    Just imagine President Tulsi and Vice President Jocko. America would be unstoppable.

  92. stewartsa

    Love Killer Mike, but I just can not understand the rhetoric around guns. Every house needs 5 different types of guns?


    Im in the loop,i know why now...UFOs will be the next 911 COVID 19,there going to make up an alien invasion and will give up more rights


      Im 16 years X Intelligence,this will be the next way to take away our rights, trust me the DOD NEVER gives away a Special Access Program, AATIP Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, founded they say in 2007,but was an extension of Bluebook and other USAF/CIA programs from the 50s, Dissolved 2012 lol that's a joke, declassified in 2017 founded by the DIA..they give it up without any pressure, with real Navy sailors being interviewed lol and real footage of the tic tack, which is ours for 30 years and unlike other UFOs has landing gear that stays out in-flight lol, from a design I saw made in 53...Kelly and Snuck works had that design as they were making aircraft from Kellys own UFOs encounters, planes experts said would never fly, that did more then that,if you see Kelly Johnsons real drawing of his encounters, you'll also see the F 117.I'm a sorry really good researcher with friends in high places, and could prove things to you in 5 seconds that would shake your core beliefs, as i am still dealing with those issues too,i kept my clearance and know i have a dirtBOx or stingray II past my house once in a while and everything i type online is watched,and I'm ok with that...

  94. James Reynolds

    Joe "you can do some great shit in the pool" Rogan lol :P

  95. tiny dancer

    Can't AI figure out who and what to do about jobs? Why would there be a question when all we have to do is ask out personal AI encyclopedia?

  96. crsp76691

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the LOUD motorcycles. Totally know what she was saying. Loud pipes is a moving violation here in Cali now. No longer a fixit ticket

  97. Tabor Talk

    What a great podcast!!! Herb Dean and John McCarthy were Joe’s 2 best and most interesting guests ever. It stands to reason - look at their job.

  98. DjTotem

    I cannot listen Michael Shermer

  99. arnold Schwarzenegger Jr

    Joe " Cat 💩 Crazy" Rogan

  100. Lincoln Setter

    They don't want a women, they want a crook with a vagina.