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  1. Kalila Perkins

    I hate Nikki tutorials came on here to say that

  2. Noemí González

    Te amo Nikkie

  3. mypupismup

    Yeah the timing is just super unfortunate. I mean, no one can deny that the palette is super on-brand for Jeffree. He doesn't shy away from morbid themes.

  4. Jocelyn Ramsey

    I watch you in Pinterest and I try to to do it and I cant!

  5. Lupita Cazares

    You did such a good job, I love the angelic look that you created ❤️

  6. Shayla Lefebvre

    She is so freaking inspirational and this is why I love her Channel.......❤️ And I support her all the way. I love her

  7. N L

    Beautiful voice! I enjoyed this video seeing 2 beautiful women and their skills.

  8. Francisco Neto

    Jeffree star is a goddess he’s the best of everyone else he’s the biggest star in the whole galaxy

  9. The Imperfect

    Literally she is having sex with make up...She loves it more than anything

  10. Vex The Sergal

    Is it just me or am I the only one who knows this song Turn It Up from the game Rocket League whenever she starts doing her right eye?

  11. hayley oswald

    Hey I have been watching ur videos for a while now and even when you are not doing in depth tutorials you speak in such a way that i can follow along I used to rlly struggle with eyeshadow Bc nothing would look right Bcy eyes are hooded but then I saw your teqnique it had worked so well for me I just want to say thanks u are such a great makeup artist and a very good teacher

  12. Carma

    When he released the name of this collection I thought it fit very well with all the stuff going on it’s a nice way to show beauty in all of this and the names are dope. people are too sensitive

  13. Jasmine Is cool

    POV your watching this in 2020

  14. The_Real ChyLow

    If we could like you before knowing nothing should change because it didn’t keep us from liking you when we didn’t know so why should it matter now that we do. Sure, it’s shocking but at the same time we would have kept on liking you if we didn’t know so nothing changes from the real ones. ❤️

  15. Christie Haggerty

    Thank you for teaching me how to do makeup. my daughters love your videos too. thank you very much for sharing all you do. heading to the Voonkamer. 🤗♥️

  16. Bby Angel

    I love you too Nikkie ❤️ this was so refreshing to watch 🌸 keep on inspiring others & loving ur truth without anyone’s guidelines or rules 💞

  17. Sofía Alejandra de la Villa

    What are you talking about?!?! The theme and the names are the best part! Those colours are right up my alley, if I ever buy a designer pallette it's going to be this one!

  18. Layla Mohamed

    I love the sound of Nikkie looking for her make up for some reason

  19. Britt Breathless

    In his response to the video about this pallet he did say that he didn’t want to give people expired makeup, if he waited to release it later the makeup wouldn’t have been as good. It’s not his fault the virus showed up.

  20. Pamela Clark

    LUV!!!!!! and death is a part of life !!!

  21. Melissa Logan

    We’re watching from couch fort cat pile in washington state (America). This was so fun, thank you!

  22. Rebekah Willes

    i have this video and cristines narrating MEMORIZED ive watched these vids so much

  23. howis itmade

    This came out in my recommended videos and i freaking thought the girl in the right was a White Lizzo

  24. Tanasha Ashlley

    Valar dohaeris Valar morghulis

  25. Kristen

    Am I the only one who actually had a feeling she was trans before this video?

  26. Aidan Scott

    More power to ya gurl!!!!!!!!! <3


    They should make a pt 2 since Shane has his pallet and is really good at makeup now

  28. Nora Oksanen

    NO looks

  29. iCrEePy

    I had to replay the shade OBITUARY, just to hear you trying to say it. Had to stop there lol Jesus Christ 🙄

  30. lila

    This is the only JS palette I actually want... also there is an entire culture and philosophy about death..

  31. Serena Fae

    Who else thinks she is beautiful without makeup??

  32. Hunter Levy

    you dont have to answer this but when you were born you had a girl body but boy parts

  33. Jane Legere

    It is ok I am not gay or trance gender but I reeeeeeely act like a boy

  34. Ochoa airlia amber

    Jenny and rose

  35. Hunter Levy

    i have a question

  36. adl kml


  37. X2 EvollovE

    Outta corner baby. Doja cat vibes any one?

  38. Matheus Lanerre

    She was so right. It resembled the album cover.

  39. jasmine devers

    Gaga and her makeup artist look like twins/sisters. Wild. They even have the same VOICE!

  40. Santana Marie Darjes

    I love this look. 💖

  41. Tea Spills

    Mercury retrograde and lady gaga’s palette are sameeeeeeee...!!!

  42. Charlie Jayne

    It would have been cool if she had to put it on the same order she found it. So if she found eyeshadow first she uses that first. Still an amazing video and loved every bit xxx

  43. Calming Asmr

    How do you do make up is beautiful woah!! I want to learn!

  44. Calming Asmr

    I really like your tattoos are you kidding me!!

  45. Jessica Sherrin

    Your inspiring and beautiful❤️❤️

  46. Calming Asmr

    Thank you!!

  47. Chloe Meating

    Don't look up cm look

  48. Bod Is

    Can you review Lady Gagas new album?

  49. Lucy Elizabeth

    How do you do this. Like I’m trying but I’m not very talented at makeup. 😂

  50. random persoon

    Wacht zijn jullie nederlands??!!!

  51. Nicole Roiz

    i love ittt